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International Infantry & Joint Services Small Arms Systems Annual Symposium
Exhibition and Firing Demonstration

"Meeting the Needs of Our Joint Ground Forces in the Fight Against Terrorism and Developing the Tools for Future Combat"

16 - 19 May 2005

Atlantic City, NJ

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Welcome Address:

Topical Address:

Panel: Lessons Learned - Industries' Response & Acquisitions' Real Needs
Moderator: Mr. Dave Broden, Broden Resource Solutions & Alliant Techsystems

Panel: Joint Service Small Arms Synchronization Team (JSSAST)
Moderator: COL Scott Crizer, USA, Chairman, JSSAST

Session I: Ammunition
Chair: Mr. Dennis Conway, US Army - ARDEC

Session II: Mortars
Chair: MAJ Paul D. Shuler, USA, Assistant Product Manager, Mortar Systems


Wednesday, May 23, 2005

Soldier Lethality and Wound Ballistics from a Swedish Perspective

Panel: Soldier Weapons



Luncheon Address:

Session III: Joint Service Arms Program (JSSAP) Update
Chair: Mr. Joel M. Goldman, Chief, JSSAP Office, US Army - ARDEC

SessionIV: Soldier System Interoperability
Chair: Mr. Vernon E. Shisler, US Army - ARDEC

Session V: International Armaments Cooperation & Foreign Comparative Testing
Part I: International Armaments Cooperation
Chair: COL Michael G. Padgett, USA, International Technology Center

Part II: Foreign Comparative Testing Programs
Chair: Mr. Al Trawinski, Army FCT/DAC Program Manager

Session VI: Non-Lethal Systems
Chair: Mr. Kevin Wong, PM CCS


Thursday, May 24, 2005

Session VII: Fire Control, Sensors and Other Ancillary Devices
Chair: Mr. Charles Buxton, NSWC, Crane

Session VIII:Weapons and Ammunition
Chair: Mr. James Zoll, US Army - ARDEC

Session IX: Individual Weapons
Chair: Mr. George Kontis, PE., Heckler & Koch, Inc.

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