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Tri-Service Infrastructure Systems Conference & Exhibition

"Re-Energizing Engineering Excellence"

2 - 4 August 2005

St. Louis, MO

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Panel: The Future of Engineering and Construction

Panel: USACE Engineering and Construction

Panel: Navy General Session

Introduction to Multi-Disciplinary Tracks

Engineering Circular: Engineering Reliability Guidance for Existing USACE Civil Works Infrastructure

  • Mr. David M. Schaaf, PE, LRD Regional Technical Specialist, Navigation Engineering Louisville District

MILCON S&A Account Study

  • Mr. J. Joseph Tyler, PE, Chief, Programs Integration Division, Directorate of Military Programs HQUSACE

Financial Justification on Bentley Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

Track 1

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Track 2

  • Ecological and Engineering Considerations for Dam Decommissioning, Retrofits, and Reoperations, Jock Conyngham
  • Hydraulic Design of tidegates and other Water Control structures for Ecosystem Restoration projects on the Columbia River estuary, Patrick S. O'Brien
  • Surface Bypass & Removable Spillway Weirs, Lynn Reese
  • Impacts of using a spillway for juvenile fish passage on typical design criteria, Bob Buchholz
  • Howard Hanson Dam: Hydraulic Design of Juvenile Fish Passage Facility in Reservoir with Wide Pool Fluctuation, Dennis Mekkers and Daniel M. Katz
  • Current Research in Fate Current Research in Fate & Transport of Chemical and Biological Contaminants in Water Distribution Systems, Vincent F. Hock
  • Regional Modeling Requirements, Maged Hussein
  • Tools for Wetlands Permit Evaluation: Modeling Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction, Cary Talbot
  • Ecosystem Restoration for Fish and Wildlife Habitat on the UMRS, Jon Hendrickson
  • Missouri River Shallow Water Habitat Creation, Dan Pridal
  • Aquatic Habitat Restoration in the Lower Missouri River, Chance Bitner
  • Transition to an Oracle Based Data System (Corps Water Management System, CWMS), Joel Asunskis
  • The Mississippi Valley Division Water Control Website, Rich Engstrom
  • HEC-ResSim 3.0: Enhancements and New Capabilities, Fauwaz Hanbali
  • Hurricane Season 2004 - Not to Be Forgotten, Jacob Davis
  • Re-Evaluation of a Flood Control Project, Ferris W. Chamberlin
  • Helmand Valley Water Management Plan, Jason Needham
  • A New Approach to Water Management Decision Making, James D. Barton
  • Developing Reservoir Operational Plans to Manage Ero, Patrick S. O'Brien
  • Improved Water Supply Forecasts for the Kootenay Basin, Randal T. Wortman
  • ResSIM Model Development for Columbia River System, Arun Mylvahanan
  • Prescriptive Reservoir Modeling and the ROPE, Jason Needham
  • Missouri River Basin Water Management, Larry Murphy

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Track 3

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Track 4

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Track 5

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Track 6

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Track 7

  • Case History: Multiple Axial Statnamic Tests on a Drilled Shaft Embedded in Shale, Paul J. Axtell, J. Erik Loehr, Daniel L. Jones
  • The Sliding Failure of Austin Dam Pennsylvania - Revisited, Brian H. Greene
  • M3 - Modeling, Monitoring and Managing: A Comprehensive Approach to Controlling Ground Movements for Protection of Existing Structures and Facilities, Francis D. Leathers and Michael P. Walker
  • Time-Dependent Reliability Modeling for Use in Major Rehabilitation of Embankment Dams and Foundation, Robert C. Patev
  • Lateral Pile Load Test Results Within a Soft Cohesive Foundation, Richard J. Varuso
  • Engineering Geology Challenge Engineering Geology Challenges During Design and Construction of the Marmet Lock Project, Ron Adams and Mike Nield
  • Mill Creek Deep Tunnel Geologic Conditions and Potential Impacts on Design/Construction, Kenneth E. Henn III
  • McAlpine Lock Replacement Instrumentation: Design, Construction, Monitoring, and Interpretation, Troy S. O'Neal
  • Geosynthetics and Construction of the Second Powerhouse Corner Collector Surface Flow Bypass Project, Bonneville Lock and Dam Project, Oregon and Washington, Art Fong
  • McAlpine Lock Replacement Project Foundation Characteristics and Excavation, Kenneth E. Henn III
  • Structural and Geotechnical Issues Impacting The Dalles Spillwall Construction and Bay 1 Erosion Repair, Jeffrey M. Ament
  • Rock Anchor Design and Construction: The Dalles Dam Spillwalls, Kristie M. Hartfeil
  • The Future of the Discrete Element Method in Infrastructure Analysis, Raju Kala, Johannes L. Wibowo and John F. Peters
  • Sensitive Infrastructure Sites - Sonic Drilling Offers Quality Control and Non-Destructive Advantages to Geotechnical Construction Drilling, John P. Davis

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Track 8

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Track 9

Track 10

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Track 11

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Track 12

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Track 13

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Track 14

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Track 15

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Track 16

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Track 17

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Track 20

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Track 21

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