43rd Annual Targets, UAVs & Range Operations
Symposium & Exhibition

31 October - 2 November 2005

Monterey, CA


Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Session I - The NEW Sound of Freedom

  • Keynote Address:
    • Aerial Targets & Unmanned Aviation, Mr. Gregory P. Catrambone, Deputy Program Executive Officer, Strike Weapons and Unmanned Aviation
  • Targets, Mr. Dennis Mischel, Director, Operation, Test and Evaluation/Targets OSD
    • Mojavaton Grand Challenge Vehicle (Video)
    • Master Control System (Video)
  • Navy Range Office, Captain John Schwering, Navy Ranges and Fleet Training, OPNAV N433


Session II - Technology Session

  • The BQM-74F - Tomorrow's Target Today, Mr. Bill Waldon, BQM-74F Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Unmanned Systems
    • BQM-74F Oh Yeah Music Video (Video)
  • The Frequency Agile System: System for Naval Target Control, Mr. Michael Owens, Director of hardware Engineering, Microsystems, Inc.
  • BQM-167A Advanced UAV System Architecture, Mr. Thomas E. Nelson, System Engineer – BQM-167A, Composite Engineering, Inc.
  • MIRACH 100/5: Programs Update and Tactical Variants, Mr. Carlo Siardi, Galileo Avionica, MIRACH 100-5


Session III - Air Threat Simulation, Electronic and Physical

  • Joint Project 66 Phase 1 Replacement Air Defence Targets, Mr. David Riddel, Officer in Charge of Options Development, Australian DoD
  • Low Cost SSST Alternative, Commander E.G. McLean, Directorate of Maritime Ship Systems, National Defence Headquarters, Canada
    • SSST Engagement Timeline (Video)
  • BroadSword, Mr. Larry French, Griffon Aerospace
    • BroadSword Airframe Structures (Video)
    • BroadSword Aircraft Configuration (Video)
  • RF Threat Simulation, Mr. Ben Rasnick, Hd, Airborne Threat Simulation Organization, Chair, Joint Service Battlespace Environment (JSBE)
  • YMQM-171A, Mr. Tony Giannoni, Project Director, Army Targets Management Office


Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Session IV - Surface Targets, Land and Sea

  • Low Cost Target Mover (LCTM), Ms. Robbin Finley, Ground Targets Project Director, Targets Management Office
  • Surface Targets Presentation, Mr. Bob Palmer, President, MDS, Canada
  • Seaborne Target Overview, Mr. Jeffrey L. Blume, Head, Surface Targets Team, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
    • Vandal Target Launch (Video)
  • Mobile Ground Target Operations (Mobile GTO), Margarette Martin, Project Director, Target Management Office
    • Mobile Ground Target Operations (Video)
  • Hugh Harris Scholarship Fund/Award Update, Mr. Cort Proctor, Microsystems, Inc.

Session V: Military Programs and Requirements