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Munitions Executive Summit

"The Winds of Change - Altering the Munitions Landscape"

7 - 9 February 2006

Phoenix, AZ


Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Welcome and Opening Remarks:

Keynote Address:

Industry Keynote:

Public-Private Partnering

Warfigher Perspective: OIF/OEF Munitions Engagements / Performance

OSD Perspective

Lunch Presentation:

Panel: Acquisition Cross-Service Panel
Chair: BG (P) Paul S. Izzo, USA, PEO Ammunition

OSD Perspective

Army Ammunition Budget Priorities & Outlook

Congressional Perspective

ICAP / NDIA Panel "Industry Status Report"


Thursday, February 9, 2006

Health of Industry (Wall Street Vantage)

Panel: PM Panel - Acquisition Programs & Priorities
Chair: Mr. Jim Sutton, Deputy PEO Ammunition

Industrial Base