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Global Demilitarization Symposium & Exhibition

14 - 17 May 2007

Reno, NV


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Call to Order/Welcome

Keynote Address:

Innovative Approaches for Recycling Munitions

OSD Perspective

Panel: The Sale of Recyclable Munitions Material
Chair: LTC Brian Raftery, PMDemil

NDIA John L. Byrd, Jr. Memorial Award for Excellence in Munitions Demilitarization

The MIDAS Web Site: Continuing to Meet the Challenge

Commercial Demil Contract Up-date

Material Potentially Presenting an Explosives Hazard

Conventional Ammunition Demilitarization Program Execution Strategy Review

Demil Developments in NATO

Report on ICAP

Demil R&D IPT

Implementation of Design for Demil (DFD) in Joint Services

Ammunition Peculiar Equipment (APE) & US-ROK Demil Facility (DEFAC)

Joint Service Munitions Resource Recovery Program


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AMCOM G-3, US Army Missile Demil Program

Service DDA's - Enforcers of the Military Munitions Rule

RCRA Subpart X oB/OD Facilities Permitting Initiative, DoD Perspective

Update on OB/OD Guidance Development

Automating OB/OD RCRA Permit Applications


Concurrent Sessions I
Session I-A

Session I-B


Concurrent Sessions II
Session II-A

Session II-B


Concurrent Sessions III
Session III-A

Session III-B


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Concurrent Sessions IV
Session IV-A

Session IV-B


Concurrent Sessions V
Session V-A

Session V-B


Concurrent Sessions VI
Session VI-A

Session VI-B


Concurrent Sessions VII
Session VII-A

Session VII-B