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International Infantry & Joint Services Small Arms Systems Symposium, Exhibition & Firing Demonstration

"Enhancing Small Arms Effectiveness in Current and Future Operations"

18 - 21 May 2009

Las Vegas, NV


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conference Keynote Address:

Session I - Joint Service Smallarms Synchronization Team (JSSAST) - 8501
Chair: COL Karl Scott Flynn, Chairman, JSSAST

Keynote Address:

Session II - PM Maneuver Ammunition

Session III - Small Arms Ammunition and Technology


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keynote Speaker:

Session IV - JSSAP

Session V - Small Arms as a Subsystem of NATO Dismounted Soldier System of Systems Programmes - 8502
Chair: LTC Mike Bodner, Chairman, NATO LCG 1, Directorate of Land Requirements (DLR) Department of National Defence, Government of Canada

Division Report and Activity

Session VI - Soldier Weapons - (Panel)
Chair: COL Douglas Tamilio, PM Soldier Weapons


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keynote Speaker:

Luncheon Speaker:

Session VIII - Fire Control Systems

Session IX - Fire Control Panel - 8556
Chair: Mr. John Edwards, U.S. Army ARDEC

Session X - National Small Arms Center Update - 8479
Chair: Frank Puzycki, U.S. Army ARDEC

Session XI - Weapons
Chair: Mr. John Edwards, U.S. Army ARDEC

Session XII - 40mm Grenade Improvements Panel
Chair: Mr. Dave Broden, Broden Resource Solutions, LLC