Precision Strike Armaments Technology Fire Power Forum

"Affordable Precision Munitions - the Reliable Choice for Modern Battle"

9 - 10 June 2009

Whippany, NJ


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Opening Remarks:

  • Jim Sutton, PEO Ammunitions, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

Picatinny Laboratory Initiatives

The new strategic environment

Role of energetics in affordable precision munitions

  • Dr. Robert Gates, Technical Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division

Army PEO Munitions Programs Overview Panel

  • Jim Sutton, PEO Ammunitions, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
  • Chris Grassano, PM Maneuver Ammunition Systems (PM MAS), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
  • Colonel Ole Knudson, USA-PM Combat Ammunition Systems (PM CAS), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
  • Joe Pelino, Deputy Product Manager, IMS, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

OSD Munitions Perspective

  • Tony Melita, Deputy Director, Land Warfare & Munitions, OUSD (AT&L)

Marine Corps Munitions Overview

  • Jerry Mazza, Project Manager for Ammunition, Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, VA


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Extended Area Protection Survivability Gun/Bullet

Army Munitions Requirements

Army Logistics Update

Reliable Precision Munitions - Providing the Decisive Edge on the Modern Battlefield

Common Smart Submunition

  • Pam Ferlazzo, ARDEC Program Manager, Textron Defense Systems

Munitions Reliability

  • Jason Cook, Acting Chief, Quality Engineering and System Assurance Sciences Division

Remote Weapons Stations

  • Michael George, Project Lead in Remote Weapons Branch, Weapons Systems & Technology, ARDEC, Picatinny, NJ