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26th Annual National Logistics Conference & Exhibition

"Defense Logistics in an Era of Change: Strategically Focused, Operationally Engaged & Committed to Professional Development"

12 - 15 April 2010

Miami, FL


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Joint and Coalition Logistics: Strategically Focused For Effectiveness and Efficiency"

Panel Discussion: "The Logistics Future - Emerging Concepts, Evolving Plans and their Operational Impact"
Moderator: LTG Kathleen Gainey, USA, Director for Logistics J4, The Joint Staff

Luncheon Speaker:

Panel Discussion:"Logistics and the Interagency"


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Department, Service and Agency Logistics: Engaging the Challenges and Initiatives of Force Providers and Sustainers"

"Joint Logistics Leadership Fireside Chat"

Panel Discussion

Luncheon Speaker:

Panel Discussion: "Weapons Systems Life Cycle Support"
Moderator: Mr. Randy Fowler, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Materiel Readiness

Panel Discussion: "Logistics Information Technology - The Most Critical Enabler, from Industry to the Warrior and Back Again"
Moderator: Mr. John Erb, Vice President, Integrated Services and Support, GDIT


Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Committed to Logistics Professional Development and Education"

Keynote Speaker:

Panel Discussion: "Logistics Workforce Education and Human Capital Initiatives: The Impact on People, Processes and Readiness"
Moderator and Presenter: LTG "Chris" Christianson, USA (Ret), Director, Center for Joint and Strategic Logistics, National Defense University