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The Annual Missile Defense Small Business Programs Conference

"Infrastructure and Environment Support Services"

27 May 2010

Huntsville, AL


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Implementing the Ballistic Missile Defense Review (BMDR)
Welcome and MDA OSBP Update:

Infrastructure and Environment Services (DXF)
Overview of Infrastructure and Environment Operations

Missile Defense Agency Support Services Panel (DACS)
Overview of MDA Contractor Support Services (DACS) Panel Discussion with GSA

Organizational Conflict of Interest

Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) Panel Discussion
Moderator: Ramon Morales, Associate General Counsel, MDA/GCQ (To be posted at a later date)

Missile Defense Agency Engineering & Support Services (MiDAESS)

MiDAESS Program Update

Procurement Technical Assistance

Overview of PTAC/SBDC Services