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26th Annual National Test & Evaluation Conference

"Defense Test & Evaluation in a Net-Centric World"

1 - 4 March 2010

San Diego, CA



Monday, March 1, 2010

Tutorial A: Session 1
Mission-Based Capability Assessment in Netcentric Systems of Systems (SOS)

Tutorial C: Session 1
Using Design of Experiments (DOE) to Transform a Test Organization


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keynote Address:

15,000 Networks, 5 Million Users: T&E Net Centric Challenges

Session B: OTA Commanders' Roundtable

Luncheon and Special Guest Speaker:

The DoD Acquisition/Test Process, What Went Wrong and How to Fix the Process; A Report on the Defense Science Board (DSB) Study of DT&E & A Perspective on the Remedies Needed to Improve DoD Acquisition

Network Innovation and Experimentation: A SOCOM Project Report

Session D: Net-Centric T&E

Session E: T&E of Chemical/Biological Systems

Session F: Applications of Design of Experiments (DOE) and Six Sigma in T&E

Session G: Test & Evaluation for Lethality and Survivability Assessment


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act and DT&E Within the Department of Defense

T&E and Its Role in 5000.02: How T&E Can Become a Program Lifecycle Skill

Erasing the Line With Title 10: Best Practices in Integrated Testing

Integrated Test and Independent Evaluation (IT&EI) Using Design of Experiments (DOE) Methodologies: Early Planning For DT Exit Criteria That Mirrors OT Entrance Criteria

Session I: T&E Policy & Studies Continued
Chair: Dr. H. Steven Kimmel, Senior Vice President, Alion Science and Technology

Session J: Systems Engineering Considerations in Practicing Test and Evaluation

Session K: Test and Evaluation Architecture & Facilities

Session L: T&E of Systems of Systems

Session M: Role of Modeling and Simulation in T&E

Session N: Integrated Test and Evaluation


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Challenges of Systems of Systems Testing, A Reality Check: The FCS Program

When Robots Talk on the Net, What Will They Say?

NDIA ICOTE Annual Report

Mission-Based Test and Evaluation Strategy: Progress Towards Uniting Combat Developer, Materiel Developer and T&E