8th National Small Business Conference

"Back to the Future; Gearing Up for the Journey, How Do We Get Back to the Future?"

7 - 8 June 2011

San Diego, CA


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keynote Address: Small Business Innovations and Contributions:

Size Standards

  • Dr. Khem Sharma, Chief, Office of Size Standards, U.S. Small Business Administration

Session B: Myth and Realities of Creating a Collaborative Government and Industry Contract Environment

  • Ms. Ann Gladys, Board Member and Industry Chair, ACT-IAC Pacific Chapter

Session C: Integrate and Operate in Cyberspace: Small Business Concerns Relative to the Evolving Threat Landscape

Session D: Small Business Opportunities with the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)

Session E: Bid Protests: Sore Loser or Demanding Fair Play!

  • Mr. Ron Perlman, Attorney, Holland & Knight LLP
  • Mr. Will Pannier, Attorney, Holland & Knight LLP

Session F: "The Mouse That Roared: How You, as a Small Business, Can Open Doors in Congress and Make Your Voice Heard"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keynote Address: Acquisitions Efficiencies:

  • Mr. Andre Gudger, Director, U.S. Department of Defense, Small Business Programs

Notes from Mr. Andre Gudger's Presentation

DHS Small Business Concerns

  • Ms. Darlene Bullock, Procurement Analyst, Department of Homeland Security Small Business Program

Small Business Administration Program Updates

  • Mr. Jim Gambardella, Area VI Director for Government Contracting, Small Business Administration

Small Business Legislation Update

Session D: Contractual and Compliance Pitfalls: Legal and Regulatory Requirements

  • Ms. Tammy Sanchez, Department Head, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific's Contracting Competency