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Human Systems Conference

"Human Systems: Maintaining Our Physical Edge, Enabling Our Cognitive Edge"

10 - 11 February 2015

Alexandria, VA


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HSI in DoD Requirements

Keynote Address:


Session 1: Systems Interface and Cognitive Processing (SICP)

CEDARS: Combined Exploratory Data Analysis Recommender System

Using Physiological and Behavioral Information to Contextualize Cognitive State and Event Detection for Human-Autonomy Integration Systems

Real-Time Operator Physiological Monitoring to Drive Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Design


Session 2: Protection, Sustainment and Physical Performance (PSPP)

Integrated Cognitive and Physical Training to Optimize Human Performance and Discourage Post-Traumatic Stress and Suicide

Smarter, Faster, Safer: Cognitive Enhancement Training to improve Decision-Making Under Pressure

Ready for Anything: NeuroTracker, a Cutting-Edge Technology that Accelerates the Acquisition of Tactical Awareness, Attention and Decision-Making Skill Under Pressure

Novel Application and Validation of an Optical Scoring System for Small Arms Human Performance, Research and Development

Rapid Assessment of Clothing and Equipment Using Advanced Thermal Simulation to Lighten the Thermal Load


Session 3: Personnel, Training and Leadership Development (PTLD)

Co-Located vs. Distributed Teams: A Virtual Schoolhouse Experiment at Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center

Cognition: Conation Partnership


Session 4: Social, Cultural, Behavioral Understanding (SCBU)

Social Security Sector Radar Capability

Information and Conflict

Applying Modeling and Simulation to Foreign Policy

Challenges in the Operational Use and Validation of Sociocultural Techniques, Tools, and Models

Cultural Knowledge Encoding

Convey Knowledge - Not Just Information


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Plenary Address: Human Readiness Levels: Linking S&T to Acquisition

Panel: Human Readiness Levels: Linking S&T to Acquisition


Session 5: Human Systems Integration (HSI) Metrics

Surveys in Operational Test & Evaluation

Optimizing Warfighter Performance through the Development of HSI Metrics, Requirements and Collaboration

Operationally Relevant Metrics for Analyst Test-Beds: Evaluating How Analysts Make Use of their Tools to Inform Tool Development, Integration and Adaptation

A Heuristic-Based Framework for Assessing Operator Trust in Autonomous Systems

Methods and Metrics for Real-Time Task Performance Assessment in Crewed Spacecraft


Panel Discussion: Rising Issues in Human Systems (Government)

Panel Discussion: Rising Issues in Human Systems (Industry)
Moderator: Mr. Greg Zacharias, PhD, Deputy Chair, NDIA Human Systems Division; President, Charles River Analytics