16th U.S. - Sweden Defense Industry Conference

"Advancing Cooperation in Uncertain Times"

10 May 2017

Washington, DC


State of Cooperation Between Sweden and U.S. Military Organizations

  • BGEN Michael Claesson, Deputy Director, Plans and Policy, Joint Staff
  • VADM Jamie Foggo, USN, Director, Navy Staff

Sweden-U.S. Defense Technology and Acquisition

  • Rear Admiral Thomas Engevall, Deputy National Armaments Director, Sweden
  • Christopher Lowman, Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology), ASA(ALT)

Defense Industrial Partnerships - Driving Innovation and Bi-Lateral Cooperation

Perspectives From Swedish and U.S. Medium and Small Defense Companies
Moderator: Frank Cevasco, President, Cevasco International, LLC

State of Swedish Defence Research

State of Innovation in the Defense Department

  • Mary Miller, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering