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Virtual Systems & Mission Engineering Conference

"Systems & Mission Engineering Transformation and Modernization"

6 – 8 December 2021



Monday, December 6, 2021

Digital Engineering

  • 23751 - Model Readiness Levels: A Mathematical Construct for Validation and Trust, Dr. Darryl Ahner, STAT COE Director and Interim Dean for Research, Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
  • 23766 - Integrating Digital Engineering and Modeling and Simulation to Support Technology Adoption in Department of Defense Systems,
    • Philomena Zimmerman, Director, ET&E OUSD (R&E)
    • John Daly, Senior Engineer (Support), OUSD(R&E)
  • 23772 - Concept for Establishing Consistent System Digital Representation Across the System Lifecycle at All Required Fidelities, Dr. Charles Sanders, M&S SME, Army Modeling and Simulation Office
  • 23784 - Ontologies for Engineering with Examples: A Pragmatic Perspective, Dr. Mark Blackburn, Senior Research Scientist, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 23970 - Advancing the State of R&M Engineering Practice to Deliver Reliable, Maintainable, and Supportable Advanced Capabilities to the Warfighter, Chris DeLuca, Director, Specialty Engineering OUSD(R&E)

Model-Based Systems Engineering

  • 23721 - A Vision for High Fidelity Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Built Surrogates Influencing the Design and Assessment of Military Systems, Dr. Scott Morton, Associate Director, DoD HPCMP, U.S. Army ERDC/ITL
  • 23878 - Lessons Learned in the Creation a Digital Thread, Dr. Steven Dam, President and COO, SPEC Innovations
  • 23757 - Integrating Digital Engineering Technical Models with MBSE Cost Models, Dr. Mark Blackburn, Senior Research Scientist, Stevens Institute of Technology

Systems Security Engineering

  • 23823 - Technology and Program Protection in the Department of Defense, Melinda Reed, Resilient Systems Director, STPE OUSD RE
  • 23773 - Agile Authorizations Approach to Risk Management Framework, Daniel Holtzman, USAF Director, Cyberspace Innovation, SAF/CN
  • 23825 - System Security Engineering and Anti-Tamper in the DoDI 5000.02 Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework Policy Series, Randy Woods, System Security Engineering & Anti-Tamper Director, STPE, OUSD RE
  • 23774 - Cyber Supply Chain Risk A System Security Engineering Requirement, Holly Dunlap, Senior Principal Engineer, System Security Engineering, Raytheon Missiles & Defense NDIA Systems Engineering Division Chair

Test & Evaluation

  • 23764 - Mission Engineering and Digital Engineering Enabling a Unified Evaluation Framework, Dr. Suzanne Beers, Department Manager, Defense System Engineering & OUSD(R&E) D,DTE&A DEF Technical Lead, Mitre
  • 23816 - The Automation Framework: Using Data Volume, Variety, and Veracity to Accelerate DevSecOps, Kevin Visalli, Director of Software Products, Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc.
  • 23829 - Developmental Test and Evaluation (DTE&A) and Cyberattack Resilient Systems, Dr. Peter Beling, Professor and Associate Director, Virginia Tech Intelligent Systems Laboratory


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Digital Engineering

  • 23742 - Information Security Marking for MagicDraw® Models, Tom Alberi, Chief Scientist, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physical Lab
  • 23756 - The Importance of Metadata for the Discovery of Digital Engineering Artifacts, Dr. James Coolahan, Chief Technology Officer, Coolahan Associates, LLC
  • 23791 - Taking Authority Over Your Modeling Enterprise: ManTech's Elastic Model Governance Approach, Dr. Heidi Davidz, Intelligent Systems Engineering SME, ManTech International Corporation
  • 23906 - Intellectual Property Considerations in Digital Engineering Implementation for Acquisition in the DoD, John Daly, Chief Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 23928 - A View of The Digital Engineering Process, Jeffery Bryson, Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman
  • 23793 - An Elastic Approach to Digital Engineering, Matthew Taylor, Intelligent Systems Engineering SME, ManTech International
  • 23765 - Updating DoD Policy and Guidance for Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A),
    • Philomena Zimmerman, Director, ET&E OUSD (R&E)
    • Joseph Carnell, Systems Engineer (Support), OUSD(R&E)

Model-Based Systems Engineering

  • 23740 - Guide for Best Practices for Model Portfolio Management,
    • Misak Zetilyan, Senior Project Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation
    • Jordan Howie, Member of Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corporation
  • 23877 - Modeling and Analysis of Standard Operating Procedures, Dr. Steven Dam, President and COO, SPEC Innovations
  • 23911 - Product Line Engineering in the New Age of Digital Engineering, Dr. Charles Krueger, CEO, BigLever Software

Systems Security Engineering

  • 23810 - Managing Supply Chain Complexity with the Acquisition Security Framework, Dr. Carol Woody, Principal Researcher, SEI
  • 23847 - Software Modernization and the Joint Federated Assurance Center, Bradley Lanford, Software Assurance Lead, OUSD(R&E) / SAIC
  • 23782 - Security in the Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE), a Roadmap Review of Foundation Concepts, Rick Dove, Strategist, Independent
  • 23852 - Closing the Systems to Silicon Gap: MBSE-Enabled Digital Electronics Verification, Dr. Lisa Murphy, Technology Consultant, Siemens Industry Software
  • 23869 - Exemplar Design Patterns for Cyber Resilience, Brooke Guare, Cybersecurity Engineer, JHU/APL

Integrated Program Management

  • 23901 - The Most Important Trades Often Happen During Project Planning: Using Set-Based Practices to Optimize Those Trade-Off Decisions, Brian Kennedy, CTO, Targeted Convergence Corporation
  • The Negatively Pressurized Conex (NPC) Program – How Acquisition and Systems Engineering Agility Delivered Capability to United States Transportation Command in 95 Days, Lt Col Paul Hendrickson, Materiel Leader, AF CBRN Defense Systems


  • 23973 - OUSD(R&E) Systems Engineering Modernization Strategy,
    • Nadine Geier, Director, Systems Engineering OUSD (R&E)
    • Dr. Kelly Alexander, Chief Engineer, Systems Engineering Modernization (OUSD R&E)
  • 23916 - Air Force Government Reference Architectures: Strategy, Approach, Challenges, and Path Forward, Robert Bond, Plans and Program Engineer, Systems Engineering Division (AFMC/ENS)

System of Systems

  • 23809 - Feature-based Product Line Engineering in Aerospace and Defense, Dr. Charles Krueger, CEO, BigLever Software
  • 23903 - Leveraging Set-Based Practices to Make Agile Practices More Effective for System-of-Systems Engineering, Brian Kennedy, CTO, Targeted Convergence Corporation
  • 23961 - Systems of Systems and Complexity: INCOSE Initiative, Dr. Judith Dahmann, Technical Fellow, MITRE
  • 23749 - Mission Engineering Approach for Influencing Warfighter Actions using Computational Social Sciences (IWACSS), Dr. Paul Hershey, Principal Engineering Fellow, Raytheon Technologies


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Engineered Resilient Systems: Program Achievements

  • Engineered Resilient Systems: Digital Engineering and Computational Testing, Dr. Robert Wallace, ERDC ITL and ERS Technical Director
  • Government Built, Production Quality, Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Fidelity Software for Acquisition Engineering Support, Dr. Scott Morton, Associate Director, DoD HPCMP

Mission Engineering

  • 23974 - Overview of R&E Mission Analysis and Methodology,
    • Marc Goldenberg, Chief Engineer, Mission Engineering, OUSD(R&E)
    • Dr. Judith Dahmann, Technical Fellow, MITRE
  • 23769 - Mission Engineering Digital Ecosystem,
    • Dr. Owen Eslinger, Computer Scientist, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
    • Darryl Howell, Engineering Tools and Environments, OUSD(R&E)


  • 23898 - DEWS Open Reference Architecture Development, Dr. Steven Davidson, Chief Scientist for Systems Architecture, MITRE Corporation

Education & Training

  • 23724 - A Systems Engineering Approach to Cyber SCRM, Alexander Wright, Computer Scientist, U.S. Air Force

Engineered Resilient Systems: DARPA CRANE Project

  • DARPA Control of Revolutionary Aircraft with Novel Effectors (CRANE) Program Philosophy and Achievements, Dr. Alexander Walan, Program Manager, DARPA Tactical Technology Office (TTO)
  • Unique Public-Private Partnerships Provide HPCEnabled, High-Fidelity Design and Analysis Techniques for Industry Engineering Teams T that Speed Development, Dr. Justin Foster, Research Mechanical Engineer, U.S. Army ERDC Information Technology Lab
  • Incorporating Active Flow Control Technology into Aircraft Design for DARPA's CRANE Program, Juan Montoro, Manager, Conceptual Design and ADP Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Engineered Resilient Systems

  • 23846 - Using Value Engineering to Propel Cyber-Physical Systems Acquisition, Alfred Schenker, Software Solutions Division, Carnegie Mellon University/Software Engineering Institute
  • 23856 - Protection of Software for the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, Bradley Lanford, Software Assurance Lead, OUSD(R&E) / SAIC
  • 23824 - Application of Criticality Analysis to Risk Based Engineering Design, Randy Woods, System Security Engineering & Anti-Tamper Director, STPE, OUSD RE

Modular Open Systems Approach

  • 23971 - Assessing MOSA – New Methods to Develop Quantitative Assessment Criteria,
    • Nadine Geier, Director, Systems Engineering, OUSD(R&E)
    • John Tindle, Systems Engineer, OUSD (R&E)
  • 23972 - DoD MOSA Community of Practice (CoP) Update,
    • Nadine Geier, Director, Systems Engineering, OUSD(R&E)
    • Nathaniel Barley, Systems Engineer, OUSD (R&E)


  • 23792 - USAF Digital Campaign Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast, Chris Garrett, Technical Advisor for SE, AFLCMC/EN-EZ

Environment, Safety, & Occupational Health

  • 23895 - Impact of the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act on DoD, Peter Mullenhard, Environmental Engineer, DoD ODS Subcommittee (BMT)

Education & Training

  • 23822 - Cyber Resilient Weapon System Body of Knowledge (CRWS-BoK),
    • Burhan Adam, Program, Policy, Guidance, and Standards Director - STPE, OUSD RE
    • Angela Lungu, CRWS-BoK Project Lead Senior System Security Engineer, Support to OUSD(R&E), Resilient Systems
    • Madison Rudy, CRWS-BoK Lead Analyst, Support to OUSE(R&E), Resilient Systems
  • 23770 - Developing a Digital Engineering Body of Knowledge for the DoD,
    • Philomena Zimmerman, Director, ET&E OUSD (R&E)
    • Mary Davidson, Engineering Tools and Environments, OUSD(R&E)
    • Frank Salvatore, Engineering Tools and Environments, OUSD(R&E)