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36th Annual National Logistics Forum

"Strengthening the Logistics Kill Chain"

15 March 2022

Salt Lake City, UT


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Maintaining Strategic Logistics Capability
Moderator: Guy Beougher, SES, Vice President, DoD/Federal Logistics, Supply Chain and Energy, Cypress International

  • Steve Morani, SES, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment
  • Timothy Goddette, SES, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Sustainment
  • Kristina O'Brien, SES, Principal Deputy Director for Logistics, Joint Staff
  • Brig Gen David Sanford, USAF, Commander, Defense Supply Center Richmond and Defense Logistics Agency Aviation

Sustaining The Joint Force In A Contested Environment
Moderator: Kristina O'Brien, SES, Principal Deputy Director for Logistics, Joint Staff

  • MG Jeffrey Drushal, USA, Director, Logistics, U.S. Central Command
  • Col Boyd Miller, USMC, Director, Logistics, U.S. Southern Command
  • MG Sue Henderson, USA, Commander, 377th Theatre Sustainment Command
  • Col Patrick Kumashiro, USAF (Ret), HQE, Senior Advisor, F-35 Sustainment, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Sustainment)

Why Data Readiness Is The Key To Achieving Data-Centricity
Moderator: Bill Bray, SES, Vice President, Strategic Business Operations, Frontier Technology

  • Rich Aldridge, SES, PEO, Business and Enterprise Systems, U.S. Air Force
  • Dr. Jason Hamilton, Director, Acquisition Logistics, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • Dianne Costlow-Owens, SES, Technical Director, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division, U.S. Navy
  • COL Matthew Benigni, USA, Chief Data Officer, Army Futures Command, U.S. Army

Capstone Keynote Address: