19th Annual NDIA Security Symposium & Exhibition

17 - 19 June 2003

Reston, VA

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Session I: The Challenge of Information Sharing and Interoperability

  • OMB and Information Sharing, Mr. Michael Daniel
  • JRIES - A Federal, State and Municipal Combating Terrorism Partnership, Lt. Col. Rolf Palmer

Session II: The Challenge of Infrastructure Security

Session III: The Challenge of Transportation and Border Security

  • Securing the Supply Chain, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Wykle
  • In-Transit Security Arms, Ammunition and Explosives, Mr. Earl Boyanton
  • Transportation Security Administration: Maritime and Land Security Directorate, Mr. Nicholas P. Lakis
  • Transportation Security: "Safeguarding the Shipment of America's Most Dangerous Cargoes against Terrorist Attack", Mr. Ed Badolato
  • Dual Benefits from Applications of Innovative Transportation Security Technologies, Mr. Mike Dinning

Session IV: The Challenge of-Post 911 Emergency Preparedness & Response-Public and Private Cooperation


Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Session V: The Challenge of Understanding and MAnaging Public Response to Terrorism

  • The Challenge of Understanding and Managing Public Response to Terrorism, Dr. Hugo B. Poza

Session VI: The Challenge of Meeting Human Resource Constraints and Security Privitization

Session VII: The Challenge of Science & Technology

Session VIII: Technology Forum Focus Groups

Group I: Chemical/Biological/Explosive Detection Security

Group II: Physical Security & Force Protection

Group III: Critical Infrastructure Protection/Cyber Security


Thursday, June 19, 2003

Session IX: Legislation and Security Technologies

Session X: The Challenge of Force Protection