6th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

20 - 23 October 2003

San Diego, CA

Monday, October 20, 2003

ATLAST - Deployment & Push Pack Spares Optimizer


Test and Development Efforts Affecting Systems Engineering Decisions for the AN/AWS-2 Rapid Airborne Mine Clearance System

Technology Readiness Level Calculator

Technology Readiness Calculator

Evolutionary Acquisition (EA) Spiral Development (SD) Systems Engineering Methodology

Integrated Framework for Modeling & Simulation of Complex Production Systems

Virtual Assembly Analysis and Simulation in an e-Design and Realization Environment

Evolution of Enterprise Program Management

Building a Complex System in a Standards-Driven Environment

An Overview of AP233 STEP's Systems Engineering Standard

Strengthening Systems Engineering Execution at Boeing…And Meeting Customer Needs

Application of Object Oriented Systems Engineering Methodology and Tools for Complex Systems

HSI/LMS Program Vision

Using Modeling and Simulation to Predict and Evaluate System Performance Throughout the Lifecycle

The Role of Metadata in Simulation Based Acquisition Activities

Towards Simulation Based Acquisition: RMS Initiatives

Using Six Sigma to Improve Systems Engineering

Product-Based Approach for CMMI® Appraisals

Extending CMMI® to Hardware Engineering Disciplines


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Joint Battle Management Command and Control (JBMC2) System Engineering

FCS System of Systems' Engineering and Integration

Next Generation Systems Engineering An OSD Perspective


Some Thoughts on Systems Engineering

System Development Powerhouse

Needs and Values Assessment Model for STAN

JSF Modeling Information Management

Evaluating a Complex System of Systems Using State Modeling and Simulation

Virtual Systems Engineering Options to Support Rotorcraft Shipbased Test & Evaluation

Reuse of Legacy Data for Vehicle Support within the US Army

Aerospace Systems Engineering The Fuzzy Front End

What is the government (DCMA) looking for on programs … And just how do they predict acceptable progress

Requirements Nightmare Put to Rest

Whatever Happened to the Promise of Simulation Based Acquisition?

Integration Building Blocks for Sensors and Systems - Digital Critical Infrastructure

Application of the CMMISM to Plan and Control Life Cycle Costs

CMMI® The Next Step in Process Improvement

Implementing on a Limited Budget: Leveraging Existing Tools within Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Customer Support Centers

Earned Value in Performace Based Contracting

Performance-Based Logistics Affordability: Can We Afford Categorical Conversion to Performance-Based Acquisition?

Logistics Acquisition, An Emphasis on Planning for Performace

Got Protection? Embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System (eTAWS)

The Test & Evaluation of EO Sensors

Live Fire Development Testing and Modeling & Simulation

AN/ALR-67(V)3 Advanced Special Receiver (ASR) Direct Vendor Delivery Program

Soldier Focused Logistics "Transforming the Chinook"

PBL Process & Tools - MMIS

Maximizing Operational Effectiveness through Acquisition Logistics

Architecture Analysis for System-of-System (SoS) Interoperability Assessment

Enterprise Architectural Patterns for Command and Control

Developing a Layered Reference Model for Information


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Human Systems Integration (HSI) In User-System Interface (USI) Development for Complex Information-Based Systems

System Engineering Task Group

Systems Engineering of Complex Adaptive Systems

Stochastic Simulation - A New Tool for Engineering

Simulation Based Network Protocol Design

Land Attack Systems Working Integrated Product Team

ConOps Development in a Highly Networked System

Open Architecture Overview

How To Define Processes in Expert Mode

An Approach to the Design of a New System: Methodology as Applied to the MAGTF Expeditionary Family of Fighting Vehicles (MEFFV)

Application of Templates and Metrics to Enhance and Assess Systems Engineering Effectiveness in the IT Sector

Transformation of Software Support Facilities Evolving toward the "Lean AISF"

Application Behavior Management: A New Weapon in the Fight Against Costly Customized Software Failures

Joint Strike Fighter "Interoperable by Design"

Net-Centric Operations & Warfare

Keeping America's Navy #1 in the World

Contact Memory Button

Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Life Cycle Supportability

Designing for Comprehensive Support

The Significance of RCM2 applied to the CH-47D, Chinook

AEGIS Surface Warfare Closed-Loop Systems Engineering Using Operational Realistic Test & Evaluation

Next Generation In-Service Engineering Agent: Operational Readiness Test System Technical Assist Remote Support (ORTSTARS)

Operational Readiness Test System Tech Assist Remote Support (ORTSTARS)

Evolution of Open System Architectures in support of T&E for Naval Combat Systems

Multi-Platform Forward Looking Infrared Integrated Subsystems: A 21st Century Test & Evaluation Process

Using Outsourcing for Strategic Advantage

10 Steps to Better Requirements

OpTech - A Comprehensive Approach to Educating and Improving Organizational Systems Engineering

EC-130H Compass Call Software Support An application of the SOF EISE Concept

More Cost Effective Approaches in Developing Test Program Sets (TPSs) for Various U.S. Air Force Avionics Systems


Logistics Information Interoperability

Defensive Battle Stations In Network-Centric Warfare: Rapid-Response Cyber Forensics

The Differences Between the Project Manager and the Systems Engineer

On Using UML in the Systems Engineering Process for System Requirements Development

Root Cause Analysis of BIT False Alarms

JITC Interoperability Certification Process

Wait, did I forget my network?

JDEP Overview


Thursday, October 23, 2003

Security: It's Just Good Systems Engineering

Rapid Response Technology Trade Study Tool R2T2

Apache Focused Recapitalization Program

Contract Repair Information System Pilot (CRISP) Phase 2

Information Continuity and Advanced Reasoning for Improved System Diagnostics and Prognostics

Reduction of the Negative Differential Pressure by Using a Piccolo-type Igniter to the 40mm KE Ammunition

Risk Management of Aircraft Wiring System

Joint Council on Aging Aircraft

Center for System Engineering

Systems Thinking

  • Mr. Patrick Murray

Technical Integrity Assurance For Product Development

Effects of Aging on Aircraft Parts Study

The System Engineering Challenges of Implementing an Automatic Wire Analyzer (AWA) System for the Naval Aviation Community

Systems Engineering Development File

Systems Modeling Language Overview

Researching & Delivering Non-Traditional Systems Engineering Education

UDEF IDs and OAGI BODs as elements of an Aerospace Industry Standard eBusiness Architecture

Data Management in the Digital Age

Architectural Freedom with Serial Interconnects

SMMOA Supply, Maintenance, Monitoring Open Architecture

Legacy Systems Sustainment - Consolidated System Obsolescence Mitigation

Circuit Integrity Wire & Cable: Designed for Legacy & Future Systems Survival

Reuse of Legacy Data for Vehicle Support within the US Army



Best Systems Engineering Products Drive CMMI®

Application of Templates and Metrics to Enhance and Assess Systems Engineering Effectiveness in the IT Sector

Deepwater Project Bofors Defence 57-mm L/70 Mk 3 Gun System System Engineering