Homeland Security Symposium & Exposition

"Partnership With Industry"

29 - 31 March 2006

Arlington, VA



  • "Department of Health and Human Services: Homeland Security Mission and Programs"

Session Two: Port Security and Maritime Domain Awareness

  • Doug Ochsenknecht, Acting Program Executive, Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office, Department of Defense
  • Dana Goward, Director, USCG, Maritime Domain Awareness

Chemical, Radiological and Biological Defense

  • John Vitko, Biological Threat Office, Department of Homeland Security
  • James Zarzycki, Technical Director, Chemical Biological Command, US Army Edgewood R&D Center
  • James King, Deputy Director of the Chemical and Biological Information and Analysis Center
  • John S. Parker, Bio-Medical Market Analysis, SAIC

Session Three:
Critical Infrastructure Protection/Cyber Security:

  • Establishing Attainable Priorities
  • Industry as a Partner and Source
    • Tom DiNanno, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, Office of Infrastructure Protection

Information Analysis/Intelligence

  • Threat Assessment
  • Intelligence Community Organization, Roles, Responsibility and Coordination
  • Information Analysis Trends and New Methods
    • John B. Noftsinger, Jr., Ed.D., Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs for Research and Public Service