Net Centric Operations Conference

"Facilitating Net Centric Operations & Warfare"

13 - 16 March 2006

Norfolk, VA


Monday, March 13, 2006

Tutorials: "Hot Topics in NCO Deployment Maturity"
Moderator: C. Stephen Kuehl, AIAA NCO PC Chairman

  • Net-Centric Data Strategy, Mr. Dan Risacher, OSD
  • Challenges in Building Net-Centric System-of-Systems, Mr. James Smith, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (AIAA NCO PC)


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Government Executive Panel:

  • Transforming the Way the DoD Manages Data, Mr. Michael Krieger, Director Information Management, OASD(NII)/ DoD CIO
  • Maritime Domain Awareness Data Sharing COI, CAPT John Macaluso, COMDT CG-66, USCG R&D Manager
  • Time-Sensitive Target Community Of Interest (TST COI), Col John Rudolph, Air Force C2 & ISR Center/CCT

Industry Executive Panel: "The Premier Defense Association!"

  • Industry Consortium Panel:
    • Dr. Kevin J. Reardon, Captain, USN (Ret.), Executive Director, NCOIC
    • Hans W. Polzer, Lockheed Martin, Vice Chair, NCOIC Services & Information Interoperability WG
    • Sheryl Sizelove, Boeing, Vice Chair, NCOIC Technical Council
    • Michael Curtis, IBM, Chair, NCOIC Technical Council
  • ISR Working Group:
    • USD(I) DoD POC's:
      • Kevin Meiners
      • COL Carpenter
    • NCOIF POC's:
      • John Osterholz, BAE Systems
      • Kelly Brown, EMSolutions

    Industry Support for DoD: A Collaborative Model that Works,
    Greg Gardner, VP, Government and Homeland Security Solutions, Oracle Corporation


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Luncheon Speaker:

  • Transforming National Security, Mr. Terry Pudas, OSD, Acting Director Office of Force Transformation


  • Network-Centric Enterprise for Global Operations, Maj Gen Roosevelt "Ted" Mercer Jr., USAF, Director, Combat and Information Operations, US Strategic Command
  • Net-Centricity and Global NetOps, COL Carl Hunt, USA, Director Technology and Analysis/J9, Joint Task Force Global Network Operations, US Strategic Command
  • Knowledge Management in a Net Centric Environment, Col Mark Lorenz, USAF, Chief, J6 Knowledge Management US Strategic Command
  • USSTRATCOM Global C2, Mr. Dave Gelenter, USSTRATCOM/J86


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Panel: Information Sharing Environment

  • Information Sharing Environment, Dr. Clark Smith, Director for Technical Group, Information Sharing Environment, Office of the Director for National Intelligence
  • Information Sharing Organizational Challenges and Potential Path to Success, Rahul Gupta, Partner and Kevin Keenan, Manager, PRTM Management Consultants