Human Systems Conference

"Human Systems within Multi-Domain Operations"

3 - 4 March 2020

Arlington, VA


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Featured Speaker
  • Holly Handley, PhD, Associate Professor, Engineering Management & Systems Engineering, Old Dominion University

Session #1: Personalized Assessment, Education & Training
DATASIM: The Data and Training Analytics Simulated Input Modeler

Session #2: Protection, Sustainment, And Warfighter Performance
Developing High Performance Indicators (HPI) for Close Combat Forces Study

  • Rory O'Brien, Chief, Program Evaluation Office, MCoE, Maneuver Center of Excellence, U.S. Army


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Featured Speaker

Session #3: Systems Interface and Cognitive Processing
Prioritizing Events with Headline Visualization

  • John Ianni, Senior Computer Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

Session #4: Human Systems Metrics Assessing Cognitive Load for Quantifying Swarming Wave Glider System Usability

  • Andre Douglas, Section Supervisor, The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Driving Intuitive System Design with Usability Metrics