Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) Land & Maritime Supply Chains Conference

"Connecting Suppliers to Warfighters"

17 - 19 August 2009

Columbus, OH


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Connecting Suppliers to Warfighters…"

State of the center address: "Connecting Suppliers to Warfighters…"

Acquisition: "Connecting Suppliers to Warfighters…"


Wednesday, 19 August, 2009

Morning Guest Speaker:

  • Mr. Jeff Dretzka, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Underground Pipline, Inc. (UPI)


Breakout Sessions

  1. Land Supply Chain, Denise Pennington, Tactical Vehicle Support; LTC Eva McElroy, Supplier Support; Linda Johnson, Combat Vehicle Support and Marty Sass, SMSG
  2. Maritime Supply Chain
  3. Procurement Systems and Supplier Interfaces, Ken Rumbaugh, DSCC Systems and Procedures Division
  4. Value Engineering, Dwayne Porter, Castings and Forgings; Steve Gomez, Value Engineering Proposals
  5. DFAS Your Financial Partner At Work
    1. AP Vendor Pay, Samantha Rohrbacher, DFAS, Accounts Payable
    2. Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Overview, eSolutions Office, DFAS
    3. Contract Pay (MOCAS) Operations Overview, Joe Spring, Accounts Payable Acquisition Directorate
    4. Top Ten Reasons for Delayed Payment
  6. Surge and Industrial Base Initiatives, Jim Buchanan & Steve Roadfeldt, Industrial Capability & Warstopper
  7. DLR - Depot Level Reparable
    1. BRAC 2005 Supply and Storage Decisions
    2. BRAC - DLA Mechanicsburg Overview
    3. DLA - Warren Overview and Opportunites
  8. Maritime Federal Supply Class Supply Chain Partnership, Kreston Harris, Matthew Woolstenhulme
  9. Procurement Opportunities For Small Business, Rebecca Parks
  10. Product Verification Program
    1. Product Verification Program - Assuring Quality of Our Stock, Doug Fosnaught, Chief, Product Verification Division
    2. DLA Product Test Centers (PTC)
  11. Pricing and Contracting Strategies
    1. Adequate Proposal Packages & TINA Requirements, Ray York, Chief, Pricing Division, Procurement Process Support
    2. Preparing Proposals
  12. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Packaging and Marking
    1. AIT and Passive RFID, Mark Lieberman
    2. Packaging, Deborah Thompson, DSCC-VSP Packaging Office