Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference & Exhibition

"A New Horizon: Defining The Use of Robotic & Autonomous Systems & The Gained Benefits"

7 - 8 April 2015

Arlington, VA


Tuesday, April 7, 2015


  • David Heaven, TSWG/NIJ Support, National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board Hazardous Devices Program Support, Inc.


  • Scott Davis, Program Executive Officer, PEO Combat Support & Combat Service Support


  • Tom Dee, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Expeditionary Programs and Logistics Management, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Research, Development and Acquisition


  • Shad Reese, Staff Specialist, Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise OUSD AT&L/Tactical Warfare Systems/Land Warfare & Munitions

Panel: Program of Record VS. Non-Program, Non-Standard Equipment - The Burden of Sustainment
Moderator: Mr.Todd Willert, USA, (Ret), Program Analyst, TARDEC Emerging Capabilities Office

  • Maj James Wood, USAF, Unmanned Systems Acquisition Program Lead, AFCEC/CXAE
  • Capt Aaron Peters, USN, Program Manager, Expeditionary Missions
  • Bryan McVeigh, Project Manager, Project Manager Force Projection
  • Jorgen Pedersen, Chairman, NDIA Robotics Division; President & CEO, RE2, Inc.
  • Kevin Ryan, PMP, Director of U.S. Government Robotics Defense & Security Business Unit, iRobot Corporation
  • Walt Werner, Director, Northrop Grumman Remotec

The Defense Mobility Enterprise: An Update

  • Tony Melita, Executive Director, National Advanced Mobility Consortium



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Panel: What Is The Correct Level of Autonomy?
Moderator: Thomas Gonzalez, Senior Vice President, Stratom, Inc.

  • LTC Matt Dooley, USA, Chief, Lethality Branch, Army Capabilities Integration Center, Training and Doctrine Command (Invited)
  • Jim Parker, Associate Director for Ground Vehicle Robotic, Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC)
  • LTC Joe Bell, USA (Ret), President, Acquisition Technologies Integrated, Inc.
  • Dr. Todd Danko, LMCO, Lead Robotics Research Scientist, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories
  • LtCol Hank Lutz, USMC, Ground Systems Lead, JRAST Joint Staff, J8 Force Application

Joint Concept For Robotic and Autonomous Systems: A Vision For Future RAS Employment

  • LtCol Hank Lutz, USMC, Ground Systems Lead, Joint Staff Robotic and Autonomous Systems Team, J8

DARPA Ground Robotics

Panel: The Drive Towards Greater Interoperability
Moderator:William Thomasmeyer, National Advanced Mobility Consortium