Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference & Exhibition

"Preparing for the Third Offset"

22 - 23 March 2017

Springfield, VA


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

OUSD Robotics

  • Robert Gold, Director, Engineering Enterprise, Office of the Under Secretary of Defence (ATL)

Robotics Address

  • Paul Scharre, Senior Fellow and Director of the Future of Warfare Initiative, The Center for a New American Security

DARPA Robotics

  • Brad Tousley, Office Director, Tactical Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Where IOP, Victory and ROS-M Converge Panel
Moderator: Will Thomasmeyer, Consultant, National Advanced Mobility Consortium

  • Orin Hoffman, Autonomy and Robotics, HQE, DIUx
  • Mark Mazzara, Robotics Interoperability Lead, PM Force Projection
  • Michael Moore, President, Senior SME, Moore Integrity Engineering
  • David Stone, GCE Project Officer Robotics, Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, Science and Technology Division

Air Force Robotics

  • Dr. Robert Diltz, Robotics Program Manager, Air Force Civil Engineer Center/AFCEC/CXAE

Countering Unmanned Systems

  • Chris O'Donnell, Director, Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell Executive Secretary, Warfighter Senior Integration Group

DIUX Autonomy Presentation

  • Orin Hoffman, (part 1) (part 2) Autonomy and Robotics, HQE, DIUx


Thursday, March 23, 2017

TARDEC Robotics

  • Dr. Paul Rogers, Director, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development & Engineering Center

ARL Robotics

NAVY EOD Robotics

Robotic Wingman Address

PM Force Projection Robotics