Precision Strike Annual Programs Review

"Precision Engagement - Adapting Technology to Meet Warfighter Needs"

24 - 25 April 2007

Arlington, VA

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joint Critical Initiatives for Precision Engagement

  • Mr. Douglas Cassidy, Joint Integrated Fires Deputy Division Chief (J-8), U.S. Joint Forces Command

Precision Attack To Ensure Dominant Maneuvers

Reliability & Sustainability of Weapons Systems


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keynote Address:

  • Portfolio Systems Acquisition Role in the New Acquistion & Technology Structure:Mr. Dave Ahern, Director, Portfolio Systems Acquisition, OUSD (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)

Joint Deep Strike Systems

  • Long-Range Strike Update: Colonel (S) Gary Mausolf, USAF, Chief, Air Force Weapon Requirements, AF/A5RW
  • Prompt Global Strike: Major Greg Jones, USAF, Chief, Spacelift Requirements Branch, A5RM
  • USSTRATCOM Organization for Global Strike Execution: Lieutenant Colonel Ed Donaldson, USAF, Deputy Champion, Global Strike CONOPS, AF/A5X

A Technical Perspecitive of Netcentric C-2

  • Dr. Ronald C. Jost, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3, Space and Spectrum, OASD for Networks and Information Integration

Sea and Land Strike Systems: Ship to Objective Maneuver Enabling Technology

  • Strategic/Operational Perspective: Captain Ed Barfield, USN, Deputy Director, Expeditionary Warfare Division (N-85)
  • Navy-DDG 1000/ Long Range Land Attack Projectile & DDG Extended Range Munition: Commander Kevin LaPointe, USN, PEO/IWS 3, NAVSEA
  • Navy-Fire Scout (Vertical Takeoff & Landing Tactical UAV) & Scan Eagle Tier II Capabilities: Commander Robert Murphy, USN Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Air Vehicle (VTUV), Integrated Product Team Lead
  • Navy-Shared Reconnaissance POD (SHARP): Captain Donald Gaddis, USN, PMA-265
  • Marine Corps - Precision Artillery Systems: Expeditionary Fire Support System & the Towed Artillery Digitization System: Lieutenant Colonel Albert Lagore, USMC, Fire Support Capabilities Integration Officer, Capabilities Development Directorate, Marine Corps Combat Development Command

Acquisition Transformation

  • Ms. Eileen Giglio, ADUSD for Strategic Plans & Initiatives to the DUSD (Business Transformation), OUSD (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)