Armaments & Munitions Forum

"Balancing Armament Innovation & Readiness Improvements within Budget Constraints"

12 - 13 November 2013

Picatinny, NJ


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcome and Introduction:

  • Mr. Dave Broden, President, Broden Resource Solutions, LLC; Chair, NDIA Armaments Division


"Industry/Government Partnerships Ensuring Readiness and Innovation During Budget Uncertainty"

Government Keynote Address:

ARDEC Armaments and Munitions Technology Thrusts

DoD Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC)

Update/Status on DoD Authorization and Appropriations For FY14


"Small Arms System Advances in Times of Diminishing Resources"

Small Arms Systems Keynote Address:

Small Arms Industry Perspective

Joint Service Small Arms Program Presentation

  • Mr. Joel Goldman, Chief, Joint Service Small Arms Program Officer, ARDEC
  • Dr. Barton H. Halpern, JSSAP Technology Manager, Joint Service Small Arms Program Officer, ARDEC
  • Mr. Michael Tauber, Small Arms and Accessories Lead, DOTC, Joint Service Small Arms Program Officer, ARDEC

PM Soldier Weapons

  • COL Scott Armstrong, USA, Project Manager, Soldier Weapons
  • LTC Paul Alessio, USA, Product Manager, Crew-Served Weapons
  • LTC Shawn Lucas, USA, Product Manager, Individual Weapons

PM MAS Small Caliber Ammo

  • LTC Phil Clark, USA, Deputy Project Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems Small Caliber Ammuntion

Ensuring Readiness: Industrial Base Training, Logistics, Maintenance, Industrial Resource, Challenges and Opportunities


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Expanding the warfighter's capability through technology investment"

PM MAS Overview

  • COL Paul Hill, USA, Project Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems

PM CAS Overview

  • Mr. Rene Kiebler, Deputy Project Manager, Combat Ammunition Systems, U.S. Army

PM CCS Program and Technology Overview

Armaments and Munitions For Unmanned Platform Industry View

  • Mr. Charles Dean, Director of Business Development, Technology Solutions, Unmanned Systems, QinetiQ

Additive Manufacturing (3-D) Innovation Enabling New Technologies and Manufacturing Capabilities

Applications of Unique Modeling Simulation For Armament System Improvement Industry

Extraction of Aerodynamic Coefficients Via Data Fusion, Mr. Alan Hathaway, Arrow Tech Associates, Inc.

Unconventional and Emerging Armament Systems: (UEAS) Overview

  • Mr. Dan Hartman, Business Development, Spectra Technologies, LLC; NDIA Unconventional and Emerging Technology Armaments Systems Committee


"A 360-Degree View of Unconventional and Emerging Armaments: New Capability For Affordable Response"

NATO Non-Lethal Capabilities update

  • Mr. John Edwards, Program Management Official, JSAAP, U.S. Army ARDEC; Chairman, NATO Sub Group on Non-Lethal Capabilities

Mission Payload M Non-Lethal Weapon System Scalable Non-Lethal Effects Weapon

Recent Developments in Manufacturing of Primers Based on Nanoenergetic Composites