21st Annual Expeditionary Warfare Conference

"Expeditionary Warfare: Balancing Capabilities & Capacity"

11 - 13 October 2016

Portsmouth, VA


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Speaker Presentations

  • Nancy Harned, Executive Director, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command


  • Colonel Robert Fulford, USMC, Director, Expeditionary Warfare School
  • Captain Kirk Weatherly, USN, Commander, Amphibious Squadron 4

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab/Ellis Group

  • Doug King, Deputy G3, MCWL; Director, Ellis Group
    • Marine Corps Operating Concepts
    • Challenges for the Future
    • Littoral Maneuver in the 21st Century

Session 2: Blue in Support of Green: Clearing a Path From Sea to the Beach

  • Captain William Guarini, USN, Program Manager, Unmanned Maritime Systems (PMS406), PEO LCS


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Keynote Presentation:

Panel Discussion Part 1
Moderator: Frederick J. (Jay) Stefany, Executive Director, Amphibious Auxiliary and Sealift Office, PEO Ships

  • Captain Brian Metcalf, USN, Program Manager , LPD-17/ LX(R) Program Office (PMS 317)
  • Captain Henry Stevens, USN, Program Manager, Strategic & Theater Sealift Program Office (PMS 385)
  • Jon Thomas, Principal Assistant Program Manager, Support Ships, Boats & Craft Program Office (PMS 325)

Panel: U.S. Marine Corps Program Managers
Moderator: Major General Michael Regner, USMC (Ret), National Director of Government Affairs and National Exposition Chairman, Marine Corps League

  • Colonel Bamidele Abogunrin, USMC, Program Manager, Light Armored Vehicles, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • Colonel Dave Burton, USMC, Program Manager, Marine Intelligence, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • Jack Cave, Program Manager, Combat Support Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • Colonel Brock McDaniel, USMC, Program Manager, MAGTF Command, Control & Communications, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • Colonel Kirk Mullins, USMC, Product Manager, Amphibious Combat Vehicle 1.1, PEO Land Systems


Thursday, October 13, 2016

OPNAV N95 Session