Human Systems Conference

"Valuing Human Systems R&D: Enhancing Capabilities, Reducing Cost"

9 - 10 February 2016

Springfield, VA


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Keynote Address:

Panel: Science and Technology Roadmap: Government Perspective

  • John Tangney, PhD, Director, Human and Bioengineered Systems Division, ONR

Conference Gateway Address:

Panel: HSI R&D Challenges to Optimize Readiness and Reduce Costs at Strategic, Operational and Tactical Levels: Industry Perspective

Session 1: Protection, Sustainment and Warfighter Performance (PS&WP)

  • A Unifying Framework for Defining and Measuring Physical and Cognitive Load. Eric Jones, Human Factors Engineer, Draper
  • Physical Augmentation Concept for Improved Soldier Lethality, Frank Morelli, Research Pychologist, ARL
  • Effects of Self-Regulation on Executive Function & Resilience for Soldier Health, Wellbeing and Warfighter Performance, Pierre Beaucamp, PhD, President, Mindroom PSP

Session 2: Human System Integration Metrics (HSI)

  • Measures and Metrics: The Need for Consistency in HSI Measurement Terminology, LTC Stoney Trent, PhD, Cognitive Engineer, NSA, Chief, Experimentation Division (J93), USCYBERCOM
  • Human Systems Integration Progress and Risk Specification Tool, Eric Stohr, Sr. Human Factors Engineer, Basic Commerce & Industries (BCI) Inc.
  • Toward a Framework for Assessing Human Systems Integration Efficacy, CDR Michael O'Neil, USCG, HSI Division, USCG HQ
  • Embedding Human System Integration Metrics in Agile Software Evaluation Environments: The Value of Opportunistic Behavioral Data Collection, Joshua Poore, PhD, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Draper


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Keynote Address:

  • Sae Schatz, PhD, Director, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiave

Panel: Government HSI Initiatives

  • Maureen Sullivan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment Safety and Occupational Health, OUSD (AT&L)
  • Robert Gold, Director, Engineering Enterprise, OASD (SE)
  • Patrick Mason, PhD, SES, Director, Human Performance, Training and Biosystems Directorate, OASD (R)
  • Owen Seely, Senior Human Systems Integration Engineer, USMC

Session 3: Personalized Assessment, Education & Training (PAE&T)

  • Using Neuroscience to Enhance PTLD, Jocelyn Faubert, PhD, Director, Science, CogniSens Applied Research Centre
  • Beyond Competency Based Training: A New Paradigm for Training Department of Defense Employees, Craig Arndt, PhD, P.E., D.Eng., USN(R), Department Chair, Engineering And Technology; Professor of Systems Engineering, Defense Acquisition University
  • Science, Technology, and U.S. National Security Strategy: The Role of the War Colleges, Raymond DuBois, Senior Advisor, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Better Preparing Units for Gray Zone Operations, M. Shands Pickett, Director, Applied Research and Technology, VATC, Inc.

Session 4: Systems Interface & Cognitive Processing (SI&CP)

  • Text Analytic Techniques Enhancing Analysts' Performance, Glory Avina, PhD, Cognitive Psychologist, Sandia National Laboratory
  • Creating Cognitively-inspired Context Models to Facilitate Human-Systems Interaction, Andrew Rosoff, CEO, CHI Systems, Inc.
  • Enhancing Capabilities and Reducing Workload in UAV Operations, Zahar Prasov, PhD, Research Engineer, Draper

HSI and the Engineering Enterprise

  • Robert Gold, Director, Engineering Enterprise, DASD (SE)

Presentation - FFRDC HSI Initiatives

  • Phil Bennett, Manager, Cognitive Systems, Sandia National Laboratories

Joint Panel: NDIA Health Affairs and Government Representatives

  • Keith Prusaczyk, PhD, U.S. Navy Medical Research Center
  • Suzanne Sincavage, PhD, IDIQ, Inc.