Insensitive Munitions & Energetic Materials Technology Symposium

"Advanced IM/EM Solutions: Minimizing Risk to our Warfighters & Delivering Needed Performance, Security &
Readiness to Address Evolving Threats in our World"

12 - 15 September 2016

Nashville, TN


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Plenary Paper Presentations

  • 18748 - JIMTP Strategy and Path Forward, Anthony Di Stasio, USA
  • 18770 - GRIMEX (Green IM Explosive): Development of Novel im Comp B Replacements Based on Green TNT and RDX Replacements, Dr. David Price, USA

Breakout Presentations

Session 2A - Testing I

  • 18758 - High Performance Propellant Fragment Impact Testing: Small-scale and Full-scale, Dr. Eric Harstad, USA

Session 2B - Formulations I

  • 18761 - Insensitive Munitions - Development and Qualification of New Melt-Cast Formulations, Øyvind Johansen, Norway
  • 18791 - Reduced Sensitivity LX-14 Main Charge, Brian Alexander, USA

Session 3A - Slow Cook-Off

  • 18808 - An Approach to Simulate the Cook-Off Response of Large Munitions Using Small Scale Tests and Analysis, Dr. N. Albert Moussa, USA

Session 3B - Energetic Materials I

  • 18767 - INFUSE™ Nitrocellulose: A New Approach to Gun Propellant Technology, Dr. Stephen Velarde, USA
  • 18719 - Compatibility Investigations on Novel Energetic Formulations of Nitrogen Rich Azole [Bistetrazolylamine(BTA)], Dr. Nimesh Sasidharan, Singapore
  • 18780 - High Temperature Explosives For the Future, Dr. Sarah Headrick, USA

Session 4A - Policy

  • 18718 - Navy Insensitive MunitionS (IM) Program Planning and Execution, Donald Porada, USA
  • 18720 - Benefits of Insensitive Munitions on Storage and Operations, Benjamin Keefe, Belgium


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Session 5A - Fast Cook-Off

  • 18747 - Atmospheric Measurements in Propane and Liquid-Pool Fast Cook-Off Fires, Dr. David Hubble, USA

Session 5B - Energetics and Standards

  • 18775 - Review and Update of STANAG 4526 Shaped Charge Jet, Munitions Test Procedure, Dr. Brian Fuchs, USA


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Session 7A - Mitigation and Testing

  • 18705 - Insensitive Munitions (IM) and Hazard Classification (HC) Testing Guidance and Integration, Ken Tomasello, USA

Session 7B - Synthesis

  • 18796 - Development and Testing of 3,4 DNP, Dr. Jacob Morris, USA
  • 18798 - Laboratory and Pilot Scale Synthesis of LLM 105, James Phillips, USA
  • 18797 - Process Development and Scale-Up of MDNT, Dr. Jacob Morris, USA

Session 8A - Systems I

  • 18689 - Use of Packaging Methodologies and Innovative Materials to Prevent Inadvertent Reaction of Containerized Naval Ordnance, Robert Van Schaack, USA
  • 18727 - Evaluation of the 90MM MK8 HEP Ammunition Filled With IM P16945 Explosive Composition, David Struyve, Belgium

Session 8B - Energetic Materials II

  • 18794 - Alternative Waxes for Composition B, Myles Donegan, USA

Session 9A - Modeling

  • 18759 - Composite Material Modeling For Fragment Impact, Matt Triplett, USA

Session 9B - Propellants

  • 18686 - Effects of Long-term Ageing on Small and Medium Calibre PropellantS, Beat Vogelsanger, Switzerland

Session 10A - Systems II

  • 18726 - IM and Lethality Performance oF 81MM IHE Mortar Bombs Filled With Different Insensitive Explosives, Jackie Sibeko, South Africa

Session 10B - Processing III

  • 18776 - Controlling Composition C-4 Processing Parameters and Physical Properties of Input Components to Predict Energy Output Performance Results of M112 Demolition Charges, Dr. Jeremy Headrick, USA
  • 18793 - Explosives Coating Via Advanced Cluster EnergeticS (ACETM) Fluid Energy MilL, Brian Alexander, USA