60th Annual Fuze Conference

"Celebrating 60 Years of Fuzing Excellence"

9 - 11 May 2017

Cincinnati, OH


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Keynote Address:

  • Dr. Yvette Weber, Air Force Deputy Program Executive Officer for Weapons, Armament Directorate

Session II - U.S. Government Science, Technology & Acquisition
Chair: Ed Cooper
Assistant: Bob Hertlein

  • Army S&T Strategy, Thomas Crowley, Chief, Munitions Fuzing Branch, US Army ARDEC and
    Rick Kulbacki, Electronics Engineer, US Army RDECOM AMRDEC
  • Navy S&T Strategy, Dr. Michael Deeds, Fuze and Initiation Systems Branch Manager, NSWC IHEODTD
  • Air Force S&T Strategy, George Jolly, Technical Advisor, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • OSD Perspective/Fuze IPT, Lawrence Fan, JFTP Manager, NSWC IHEODTD
  • Joint Fuze Technology Program (JFTP), Lawrence Fan, JFTP Manager, NSWC IHEODTD
  • International Collaboration in Fuze R&D: Opportunities and Perspectives Dr. Jason Foley, International Program Officer, European Office of Aerospace R&D

Concurrent Sessions:

Session IIIA:
Chair: Nassir Alaboud and Ed Cooper

  • 19273 - Use of Multi-core Processor Technology in Fuzing Systems, Jeffrey Fornoff, US Army ARDEC
  • 19340 - Conventional Fuze Improvements, Keith Amadio, US Army ARDEC
  • 19287 - Next Generation 40mm IG Fuzes, Florian Kunz, Junghans Defence
  • 19368 - Shock Testing of 3D Printed Multimaterial Circuits, Dr. Amanda Schrand, AFRL
  • 19191 - Influence of the Embbeded Position for Damages and Reactive Threshold Induced by Concrete Penetration, Alexandre Lefrancois, Centre de Gramat


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Concurrent Sessions:

Session IVA:
Chair: Roy Streetz and Mark Etheridge

  • 19278 - Spectrum of Modern Fuze Batteries, Matthias Franz, Diehl & Eagle-Picher
  • 19205 - The Power of the Fuze, Harald Wich, Diehl & Eagle-Picher
  • 19335 - Test Bench for Activatable Batteries, Sebastian Hess, EMI Fraunhofer
  • 19359 - Dynamic Initiator Imaging at the Advanced Photon Source: Understanding the Early Stages of Initiator Function and Subsequent Explosive Interactions, Dr. Nate Sanchez, Los Alamos National Laboratories
  • 19502 - Development of Environmentally Benign Pyrotechnic Delays, Dr. Jay Poret, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • 19284 - Insensitive Electric Priming And Fusing Ignition Method Using Aluminum Nitride/Tungsten Trace Heaters, Howard Kent, Armor Development Group, LLC
  • 19252 - DBX-1 - Green Primary Explosive Related Efforts, Steve Marino, Action Manufacturing Company

Session VA:
Chair: Bob Hertlein and Byron Lee

  • 19317 - Fuze Modeling Grand Challenge: Computational Comparisons Round 3, Dr. Janet Wolfson, AFRL
  • 19206 - Higher-Order Finite-Element Analysis for Fuzes Subjected to High-Frequency Environments, Dr. Stephen Beissel, Southwest Research Institute
  • 19308 - Modeling and Simulation of a High Fidelity Electronics Assembly Responding to Drop Test, Miroslav Tesla, US Army ARDEC