Human Systems Conference

"Teaming at the Edge – Joint Cognitive Systems"

15 - 16 June 2022

Arlington, VA


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

24440 – A Selective Model for Accelerated Realtime Training
  • Amanda Bond, PhD, Lead Scientist, Soar Technology, Inc.
24446 – What is Known and What is Hype? Understanding the State of AR/VR Training Effectiveness
  • James Belanich, PhD, Assistant Director – Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analysis
24451 – First Steps in Validating Explicit and Implicit On-the-Job Performance Assessment
  • Lillian Asiala, PhD, Deputy Chair, Human Systems Division, NDIA Cognitive Scientist, Sonalysts, Inc.
24464 – Modeling Paired-Choice Data to Effectively Predict Human Evaluations of Individual Performance
24465 – Skydrate: Maintaining Hydration for Peak Cognitive Performance
24466 – Integrating Humans and Technology for Resilient, Cognitive Preparedness and Assessment for Warfighting Systems
  • Angie Sandritter, CEO & Founder, RippleWorx, Inc.
  • Mark Derriso, PhD, Chief Engineer, 711 HPW/EN, Air Force Research Laboratory
24461 – Multi-Modal Data Collection System for Team Research: A Comprehensive Approach to Capture and Measure Team Processes


Thursday, June 16, 2022

24436 – Toward Calibrating Trust in Autonomy
24441 – Anatomy of an Autonomous Virtual Agent
24443 – The Impact of Communication Mode on Human-Agent Teaming
  • Rachel Champoux, Research Engineer, Aptima, Inc.
  • Zach Kleinfelter, PhD, Scientist, Aptima, Inc.
24468 – Evaluation of Human-Machine Teaming Approach for Probabilistic Maritime Mission Planning
  • Adam Fouse, PhD, Division Director, Aptima, Inc.
24433 – Human Representation Taxonomy for Model-Based Systems Engineering
24459 - Measuring Resilience in Team Communication Skills via Remote VR Training Tool
  • Conor McKenna, Vice President Product Engineering, Vocavio Technologies