Munitions Executive Summit

"Reshaping the Munitions Base"

11 - 13 February 2003

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Munitions Executive Summit

AMC's Role in Transforming The Industrial Base

OSD Perspective

  • George W. Ullrich, Director, Weapons Systems, Office of the Secretary of Defense ODUSD(S&T)

Current Force

Current Force

Direct Fire Ammunition Industry View

Direct Fire Panel

The View From Wall Street: What Investors Think of the Defense Sector

Industrial Panel: Reshaping the Munitions Base

The Good, The Bad, and Cooperation: The Organic Base

Reshaping the Munitions Base: A View From Industry

Munitions Industrial Base Task Force Perspective on Ammunition Industrial Base

PEO Ammunition

Innovations in Army Ammunition Support

TF RakkasanThe Battle of Shah-I-Kot Valley, 2 - 13 March 2002

Future Combat Systems, Lead Systems Integrator


Thursday, February 13, 2003

ASA(ALT) Perspective Reshaping the Munitions Base

SUMMIT V: Arming the Warfighters by "Transforming the Sword"

Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry

Program Overview

Precise Indirect Fires

Indirect Fire Panel

Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS) Overview Brief to NDIA Indirect Fire Panel

Life-Cycle Management Multiplier Effects