AFCEE Analytical Chemistry Conference

17 - 18 August 2004


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

AF Environmental Restoration Transformation: Impact On Chemistry Program in 2004

  • Mr. Ed Brown, Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (HQ AFCEE/ICM)

Advanced Mass Spectrometric Techniques for DOD Analytes of Interest

Data Validation

Tentatively Identified Compounds: Characterization and Data Usage Issues

Kuwait - Integrating Geospatial IT Services with Laboratory Services

Pilot Study: Automated Data Review of SEDD Files for AFCEE's Arctic Surplus Salavage Yard Removal Action Fairbanks, Alaska

DoD Quality Systems Manual: Implementation and Future Directions

The ACIL Environmental Laboratory Data Integrity Initiative (ELDII)

Perchlorate Review and Update

  • Pete Chapman, The Environmental Company, Inc. Charlottesville, VA

Improved Antimony Recoveries in Soil Matrices


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Environmental Forensics A Closer Look: The Who, What, and When of Environmental Investigations

Quality Measurement of Non-Traditional Parameters

Representative Subsampling at the Laboratory: New Guidance From USEPA

Considerations for Data Validation

Review and Reporting of Chemical of Concern (COC) Concentration Data Under the TRRP Rule(30 TAC 350)

  • Ann Strahl, Technical Support Remediation Division, TCEQ