Tactical Wheeled Vehicles (TWV) Conference

"Sustaining the Current Force-Improving the Future Force"

4 - 6 February 2007

Monterey, CA


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Monday, February 5, 2007

Tactical Wheeled Vehicle, Supporting the Warfighter

Sustaining the Current Force & Improving the Future Force

It takes the ARNG to be ARmy StroNG

Preparing the Army Reserve for the Fight

Equipping an Operational Army Reserve

Balancing Modernization and Operational Needs

USMC Ground Mobility

  • Brigadier General Conant, USMD, Director, Capabilities Development Directorate, Marine Corps Combat Development Command

2007 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Conference


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

PM Force Projection

TWV Transformation Efforts

  • Colonel John Steve Myers, USA, Project Manager, Future Tactical Systems (Provisional); and Lieutenant Colonel Ben Garza (USMC), Project Manager, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

Program Executive Office for Combat Support & Combat Service Support, NDIA2007 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) Conference

Sustaining the Current-Improving the Future

Sustaining the Joint Force/Improving the Future Force

The U.S. Army Transportation Corps, TWV Transformation

ATEC Testing in Support of the War

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