U.S. Coast Guard Innovation Exposition

"Collaboration Fuels Innovation"

18 - 20 November 2008

Virginia Beach, VA


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Joint Capability Technology Demonstration Collaboration between DoD and USCG - leveraging DoD's multi-Agency Efforts"

"Coast Guard Modernization - Reshaping the Service for Sustainable Mission Execution"
Moderator: RADM Jody A. Breckenridge, USCG - Director, Strategic Transformation Team

  • RADM Brian M. Salerno, USCG, Deputy Commandant for Operations Implementation Team Lead
  • Mr. Jeffery G. Orner, Deputy Commandant for Mission Support Implementation Team Lead
  • RADM Timothy S. Sullivan, USCG, FORCECOM Implementation Team Lead
  • RDML Kevin S. Cook, USCG, OPCOM Implementation Team Lead

"CG's Mission-Driven Acquisition Program"
Moderator: Mr. Keith Boi, USCG, Director, Operations Resource Management

  • RADM Gary Blore, USCG, Assistant Commandant for Acquisition
  • RADM Wayne Justice, USCG, Assistant Commandant for Capabilities
  • Mr. Dana Goward, USCG, Director, Assessment, Integration and Risk Management
  • Ms. Claire Grady, USCG, Senior Procurement Executive & Head of Contracting Activity


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

USCG Innovation Expo Keynote Speaker:

"Interagency Innovation at Work - Katrina to Ike"
Moderator: Dr. Neil Thornberry, Naval Postgraduate School

Innovation: From Ideas to Action - A DHS Science and Technology Perspective
Moderator: CAPT Dave Newton, USCG, Deputy Director, Borders and Maritime Security Division

  • FAST M2 .wmv (Video)
  • Levee .wmv (Video)
  • Levee Sound Scenario .wmv (Video)
  • Vehicle Stopping Technology .wmv (Video)
  • Amphib Alaska .wmv (Video)
  • CIRT .wmv (Video)
  • CHLOE 1 .wmv (Video)
  • Project CHLOE .mpg (Movie)
  • Mr. Tom Tomaiko, Maritime Security Program Manager, Borders and Maritime Security Division, DHS S&T
  • Mr. Jeff Hudkins, Program Manager, First Responder Technologies, DHS S&T
  • Ms. Mary E. Hanson, Director, Southern Operations Interagency Division Science & Technology Directorate Department of Homeland Security
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