53rd Annual Fuze Conference

"Next Generation Fuzing - Maximum Advantage for the Warfighter"

19 - 21 May 2009

Lake Buena Vista, FL


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

General Session

Keynote Speaker:

Session II

Open Sessions

Session IIIA

  • Precision Guidance Kit (PGK), Anthony Pergolizzi, US Army - AFMO
  • Flight Controlled Mortar (FCMortar), Sanford L. Steelman, III, NSWC Dahlgren
  • AURORA A Next Generation Fuzing System, Laurie John Turner, Thales Missile Electronics Ltd
  • "Pyro-MEMS: Technological Breathrough In Fuzes Domain", Renaud Lafont, NEXTER Munitions
  • Guidance Integrated Fuze (GIF), System Development & Testing, Wayne C. Worrell, III, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division
  • Wireless Programming Of 40mm Grenade Launcher Ammunition, Christian Johnsen, Nammo Raufoss
  • M759 30mm Fuze Sensitivity Improvements, John Geaney, US Army - ARDEC
  • Fuze Redesign for M67 and Anti-Structure Munition (ASM) Grenade, Dr. Carl Campagnuolo, US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM)
  • Joint Programmable Fuze Emulation, 2Lt Jack Wiese, USAF - 679 ARSS
  • Future Fuzing: New Operational Needs And Fuze Technical Challenges, Max Perrin, JUNGHANS
  • A Strain Gage Based Projectile Health Monitor And Salvage, Ronald G. Lundgren, Applied Research Associates


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Session IVA

  • High Fuze Reliability Today And In The Future, Frank M. Kienzler, JUNGHANS microtec GmbH
  • Dual Function Fuze DM173 For Cartridge 120mm HE, Frank M. Kienzler, JUNGHANS microtech GmbH
  • Development Of A Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze for High Mechanical Shock Load Applications, Perry A. Salyers, L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems
  • Development of a General Purpose Data Recorder for Very High Mechanical Shock Load Applications, Marc A. Worthington, L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems
  • Development of Electronic Time Fuze For Self-Propelled Long-Range Howitzer, Seong Hun Kim,, HANWHA Corporation
  • A Robust Planar Triggered Sparkgap Switch for High Power Pulse Applications, Dr. Thomas A. Baginski, Auburn University
  • A New Generation of High-Shock Accelerometers With Extreme Survivability Performance, Randy Martin, Endevco Corporation
  • Piezoelectric Power Supply For Medium Caliber Ammunition, Hege Jodahl, FFI

Session VA

  • Design And Fabrication Of Small-Sized Radar- Radiometer Sensors With A Single Antenna Configuration in W-Band For Sensor-Fuzed Systems, Dr. Wan-Joo Kim, Agency for Defense Development
  • BGA Technology In High-G Environments, Stephen Redington, PE, US Army - ARDEC
  • Inertial Igniters With Programmable Safety Features For Small Thermal Batteries For Munitions Fuzing, H.L Nguyen, Omnitek Partners, LLC
  • MEMS Impact Sensor, Dr. Daniel L. Jean, Naval Surface Warfare Center - Indian Head Division
  • High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors For High Pulse Current Applications, John Rogers, Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
  • Hazards Of Inappropriate Fuzing Design, Lars-Erik Pettersson, Life Time Engineering AB
  • Variable Acceleration Profiling And Characterization Of S&A Escapement Mechanisms, Dr. Michael A. Deeds, Naval Surface Warfare Center - Indian Head Division
  • MEMS Shock Sensor Field Results Using Alternate Packaging, Robert D. Sill, PCB Piezotronics Inc.
  • Dent Block Acceptance Test Susceptibility, Robert Savoyski, Technical Ordnance, Inc.
  • Intelligent Fuzing For Penetrating Munitions: Experiments And Analysis Of Representative Configurations, Jean-Marc Sibeaud, DGA - Centre d'Etudes de Gramat
  • Explosive Train for XM1158 40mm Proximity Fuze, Charles Scott Lyon & Timothy M. Mohan,, US Army ARDEC