U.S. Coast Guard Innovation Exposition

16 - 19 November 2009

Virginia Beach, VA


Monday, November 16, 2009

CGCIS Support to the Coast Guard Innovation Expo 2009

  • LCDR Alan Tubb USCG Counterintelligence Service (CGCIS) MIFC LANT


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Panel Session 1: The Myths of Innovation: Balancing the Benefits and the Costs of Risk Taking
Moderator: Ms. Lisa Bodell, CEO futurethink

  • Mr. Bill Wing, President and CEO of Wing Inflatables Inc
  • Mr. Edwin Addison, Innovation faculty member Johns Hopkins University, founder Addison Biomedicine, Inc
  • Mr. Gary Koelling, Director, Emerging Media Technology, Best Buy, Inc.
  • Mr. Timothy R. Girton, Technical Director, U.S. Coast Guard Research & Development Center

Panel Session 2: CG Acquisition: Strengthening the Coast Guard of the Future
Moderator: Mr. Tom D. Chalecki, Deputy, Office of Mission Support Integration (DCMS-5)

  • RADM Ronald J. Rábago, USCG Assistant Commandant for Acquisition (CG-9) and Chief Acquisition Officer (CAO
  • RADM Paul Zukunft, USCG Assistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7)
  • Ms. Clair Grady, Senior Procurement Executive & Head of Contracting Activity (CG-91)
  • Mr. Dana Goward, Director of Assessment, Integration, and Risk Management (CG-51)
  • CAPT Marshall B. Lytle, USCG Chief Information Officer /Acting Assistant Commandant for C4 and IT (CG-6)

Panel Session 3: Industry Thought Leaders:How Industry Brings Experience, Engineering, and Expertise to the Table
Moderator: CAPT Joseph M. Re, USCG, Chief, Office of Performance Management and Decision Support (CG-0954)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Panel Session 4: Coast Guard Modernization: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading
Moderator: RDML (sel) Sandra L. Stosz, USCG, Director, Enterprise Strategy, Management and Doctrine Oversight (CG-095)

  • RDML Kevin S. Cook, USCG, Director of Prevention Policy (CG-54)
  • Mr. Jamie Zamora, Project Director and Management Consultant, NAPA
  • Mr. Jeffery G. Orner, Deputy Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics USCG (CG-4D)
  • CAPT Richard M. Kaser, USCG, Chief of Staff, Atlantic Area / OPCO
  • CAPT Charley L. Diaz, USCG, Chief of Staff, Pacific Area / FORCECOM
  • Mr. Martin J. Rajk, Deputy Assistant Commandant for Resources USCG (CG-8D)

Panel Session 5: Innovation Management: Harvesting Ideas for Exponential Efficiency Improvement
Moderator: Dr. Phil Samuel, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer, Breakthrough Management Group International

Panel Session 6: Born Ready: Coast Guard Missions and the Guardian of Tomorrow
Moderator: Dr. Steve B. Wehrenberg, Ph.D., Director of Human Resources Strategy and Capability Development

  • CDR Kurt Virkaitis, USCG, Office of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Mr. Dan Ingold, Principle, Powersmith Energy Consulting
  • Dr. Mark C. Gentry, Supervisor of Arctic Technology and Metocean, ExxonMobil Upstream Company
  • Dr. Pablo Clemente-Colon, Chief Scientist of the National Ice Center (NIC), NOAA