International Armaments Technology Symposium & Exhibition

"Armaments Technology in Support of Current & Future Joint Military Operations"

14 - 16 June 2004

Parsippany, NJ

Conference Overview

Ammunition in Support of Current and Future Operations

"Trends in Security Competition"

105mm LAV III Artillery Weapon System

Variable Volume Chamber Cannon (V²C²)

Solder Lethality

US ARMY Ultralight Laser Designator (ULD) Development

Army Electromagnetic (EM) Gun Program

Multi-mode Warheads

Laser Ignition Technology

Long Range Tank Training Round

MEMS in Weapons

Advanced Technologies for Embedded Instrumentation

Mid Range Munition MRM

Low-Cost Course Correction Technologies (LC3T)

Low Cost Course Correction (LCCC) Technology Applications

Network Centric Warfare

Intelligent Automated Video Survellance Application

Shoulder Fired Munitions

Non-Lethal Technologies

Precision Guided Mortar Munition

NSFS Overview

Guided Integrated Fuzing

Small Arms Sight Opportunity

Rapid Equipment Force

Dragon Fire II

Anti-Missile System for Main Battle Tanks

Leap Ahead - 52 cal Artillery System

German Artillery for the Future

Development of Insensitive Artillery Propellant


South African/US Cooperative Developments

International Armaments Technology