21st National Logistics Conference & Exhibition

"Adapting Logistics Capabilities to National Security Requirements"

28 February - 3 March 2005

Miami, FL

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Industry Keynote:

  • LTG Peter M. Cuviello, USA (Ret), Vice President and Managing Director, Focused Logistics Enterprise, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Session 1: Logistics Transformation … Achieving Knowledge-Enabled Logistics

  • Sustained Materiel Readiness, Mr. David V. Pauling, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Maintenance Policy, Programs and Resources
  • "Incentivizing" Industry - What Makes Us Tick, Mr. Richard H. Wylly, Director, Government Business Development Collins Aviation Services, Rockwell Collins, Inc., USA
  • Lockheed Martin - Lifetime Support Operations, Mr. Sheldon L. Margolis, Director, Lifetime Support, Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors

Session 2: DoD Supply Chain Integration Challenges & Initiatives

  • Supply Chain Integration Challenges & Success Stories, Mr. Andrew Jones, Vice President, Government / Defense Sector, UPS Supply Chain Solutions
  • Toyota - North American Parts Operations (NAPO), Ms. Peggy Turner, Corporate Manager, North American Parts Organization, Supply Chain Strategy, Toyota Motor Sales
  • Industry's Challenge, Mr. James G. Brunke, Vice President, General Manager, Supply Chain Services, Boeing Aerospace Support

Session 3: DoD Distribution Challenges & Initiatives
Chair: Mr. Earl B. Boyanton, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Transportation Policy

  • Surface Deployment & Distribution Command - The Road Ahead, BG(P) Charles W. Fletcher, USA, Commanding General, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
  • DLA-USTRANSCOM Partnership Distribution Initiatives, Ms. Claudia "Scottie" Knott, Executive Director for Acquisition, Technical and Supply within Logistics Operations (J-3), Defense Logistics Agency
  • DoD Distribution Challenges & Initiatives, Mr. Kenneth C. Gaulden, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Maersk Line, Limited


Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Session 4: Senior Service Leader Forum

  • G-4 Logistics Update, LTG Claude V. Christianson, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, Department of the Army
  • Attributes of Tomorrow's Success, VADM Dan McCarthy, SC, USN, Director, Material Readiness & Logistics, N-4, Department of the Navy
  • Air Force Installations and Logistics Transformation, Lt Gen Donald J. Wetekam, USAF, Deputy Chief of Staff, Installation & Logistics, Headquarters U.S. Air Force
  • Defense Logistics Agency Optimizing Today's Performance - Delivering Tomorrow's Capabilities, VADM Keith W. Lippert, SC, USN, Director, Defense Logistics Agency

Luncheon Speaker:

Session 5: Combatant Commander Desired Operational Logistics Capabilities - Today and Tomorrow
Chair: LTG Mike McDuffie, USA (Ret), Executive Vice President & chief Marketing Officer, Telos Corporation

  • USSOUTHCOM, BGen (P) Michael H. Lehnert, USMC, Chief of Staff, USSOUTHCOM
  • USCENTCOM, >COL James E. Rogers, USA, Chief, Logistics Operation Division, USCENTCOM
  • Desired Logistics Capabilities, Mr. John Erb, Deputy Director for Strategic Logistics, The Joint Staff
  • Desired Operational Logistics Capabilities, COL Dave Mintus, USA, NORAD-US Northern Command, Deputy Director of Logistics and Engineering

Session 6: Coalition Logistics Opportunities and Challenges
Chair: CAPT David F. Baucom, SC, USN, Allied Command Transformation

  • Colonel Wouter Sleurink, Netherlands Army
  • Colonel Hugh Williamson, United Kingdom Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Maurizio Mascarino, Italian Army


Thursday, March 3, 2005

Session 7: Contractors in the Battle Space - Policy & Practice
Chair: COL Carl Cartwright, USA, Deputy Commander Army Field Support Command

Session 8: Operational Logistics Information Technology
Government Chair: Mr. John J. Erb, Deputy Director for Strategic Logistics, The Joint Staff
Industry Chair: Lt Gen John L. Woodward, USAF (Ret), Accenture

Government Panelist:
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