7th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference

18 - 20 April 2006

Lake Buena Vista, FL


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Preliminary Session: Opportunities for Collaboration

  • FY 2007 President's Budget Request for DoD S&T Program, Mr. Robert W. Baker, Deputy Director, Plans & Programs, DDR&E
  • Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Program, Mr. Mark Peterson, Head, Program Resources & Integration, ODUSD (Advanced Systems & Concepts)
  • T&E/S&T Program, Mr. Mark Brown, Principal Scientist, Defense Test Resource Management Center, Test & Evaluation/Science & Technology Program
  • DoD Basic Research Program with a Focus on Academia, Dr. William Berry, Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Laboratories and Basic Sciences
  • International Collaboration, Dr. Tony Sinden, Counselor for Defence Science & Technology at the British Embassy

Conference Opening:

Session I: Navy Future S&T Challenges

  • Naval Future S&T Challenges Overview: S&T Program Influences, Priorities and Program Rationale, Dr. Joseph Lawrence, Director of Transition, Office of Naval Research
  • Future Naval Capability: FORCEnet, Dr. Bobby Junker, IPT Lead, C4ISR Department Head, Office of Naval Research
  • Maritime Defense Awareness: Overview, Dr. Gary Toth, Maritime Domain Awareness Program Officer, Office of Naval Research
  • Comprehensive Maritime Awareness ACTD, Mr. Ken Bruner, USPACOM J-00618
  • Advanced Capability Electric Systems, Mr. Scott Littlefield, PEO Ships Science & Technology Director, Office of Naval Research


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Session II: Air Force Future S&T Challenges

  • Air Force Future S&T Challenges Overview, Mr. Les McFawn, Executive Director, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • AF S&T Challenges for ISR, Dr. Paul McManamon, Chief Scientist, AFRL Sensors Directorate
  • AF S&T Challenges for Directed Energy, Dr. Bruce Simpson, Director, AFRL Directed Energy Directorate
  • AF S&T Challenges for Responsive Space, Colonel Rex R. Kiziah, Materiel Wing Director, Space Vehicles, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • AF Opportunities for Basic Research, Colonel Jeffrey Turcotte, USAF, Deputy Director and Commander, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • A DoD Perspective on S&T Areas of Emphasis, Honorable John Young, Director, Defense Research & Engineering

Session III: Army Future S&T Challenges

  • Army S&T Challenges for Current and Future Forces, Ms. Mary Miller, Director for Technology, Office of Assistant Secretary of the Army Futures S&T Challenges Overview
  • Network Enabled Capabilities, Mr. Gary Martin, Director, CERDEC, RDECOM
  • Force Protection, Dr. Marilyn Freeman, Executive Director for Research and Technical Director, TARDEC
  • Unmanned Systems with Net Centric Operations, Colonel Cindy Bedell, USA, Director Technology Integration Assessment and Futures, Army RDECOM
  • Next Generation Capabilities: Army Basic Research, Dr. John Parmentola, Director for Research, OASA (ALT)


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Session IV: Transitioning Disruptive Technologies

  • Army Approach to Disruptive Technologies and Transition, Mr. Dennis Schmidt, Director, Science & Technology Integration, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology
  • Navy Approach to Disruptive Technologies and Transition, Mr. Lewis DeSandre, Program Manager, ONR 351
  • Air Force Approach to Disruptive Technologies and Transition, Colonel Mark Stephen, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (Science, Technology & Engineering), HQ USAF
  • A New Paradigm for Technology Transfer, Dr. Greg Raupp, Director, Center for Flexible Displays, Arizona State University
  • Technology Transition from an Industry Program Manager's Perspective, Dr. Malcom R. O'Neill, former Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Lockheed Martin