Human Systems Conference

"Achieving the Third Offset: Maximizing Human-Machine Symbiosis"

7 - 8 March 2017

Springfield, VA


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Keynote Address:

Human Systems Response to a 3rd Offset Strategy from a DoD Perspective
Moderator: Dr. John Tangney, Director, Human and Bioengineered Systems Division, ONR

  • Dr. Elizabeth Bowman, Operations Research Analyst, ARL
  • Dr. Glenn Gunzelmann, Senior Research Psychologist, AFRL, Cognitive Models and Agents Branch
  • Dr. Mike LaFiandra, Chief Scientist (Acting), Human Research and Engineering Directorate, ARL
  • Dr. Todd Nelson, Strategic Planning and Transformation Division, AFRL
  • Dr. Peter Squire, Program Officer, ONR


Session #1: Protection, Sustainment, and Warfighter Performance (PS&WP)
Rim-to-Rim Wearables At The Canyon for Health (R2R WATCH)

  • Dr. Glory Avina, Quantitative Psychologist, Sandia National Laboratories Presented by Dr. Clifford Anderson-Bergman, Statistician, Sandia National Laboratories

Body Position Measurement System for Dynamic, Non-Line-of-Sight Applications

  • Matthew Davis .mpg (Video), Lead Research Engineer, Luna Innovations Presented by Emily Templeton, Senior Research Engineer, Luna Innovations

Predictive Human Models and the Third Offset


Session #2: Human Aspects of Operations in the Military Environment (HAOME)
Human Aspects of Operations in the Military Environment (HAOME) — The Gray Zone

The Critical Role of Positive Incentives in Reducing Insider Threat

  • Andrew Moore, Lead Insider Threat Researcher, Software Engineering Institute


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Joint Panel: Toward Establishment of Requirements for Using LVC Environments to Train Operators
Moderator: CDR Henry Phillips, PhD, Military Deputy for Research and Engineering, NAWCTSD

  • Dr. Gregory A. Goodwin, Senior Research Scientist, U.S. Army Research Laboratory Human Research and Engineering Directorate
  • John "Moses" Noah, Secure LVC Advanced Training Environment (SLATE) Lead, AFRL
  • Luis Velazquez, Deputy Director, Systems Engineering, Interoperability, Architecture & Technology (SIAT), MCSC
  • Melissa Walwanis, Applied Science and Technology Branch Head, NAWCTSD

Session #3: Personalized Assessment, Education and Training (PAE&T)
Developing Human Performance Through Perceptual-Cognitive Training

  • Dr. Thomas Romeas, Postdoctoral Researcher, CogniSens, Inc. Presented by Dr. Eduardo Lugo, Researcher, CogniSens Applied Research Center

The Total Learning Architecture (TLA): Learning Across Applications

  • Dr. Damon Regan, External Research Lead, The Tolliver Group, Inc. Presented by Dr. Shane Gallagher, Senior Learning Scientist, Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative

Adaptive Flight Training Systems Using Physiological Based Feedback

  • Dr. Tom Schnell, Associate Professor and Director, Operator Performance Laboratory (OPL) - University of Iowa

Learner-Aware Constructive Entities for Scalable Adaptive, Personalized Training

Session #4: HSI Metrics
Modeling of Human-System Interactive Effects in Systems of Systems

  • Matthew Hoffman, Principal Member of R&D Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Analogs to Instill HSI Considerations into DOD Acquisition Programs

  • John Plaga, Supervisory Senior Research Aerospace Engineer, USAF - 711 HPW/HPIF

How Human Systems Integration (HSI) Contributes to System Architecture

  • Dr. Janae Lockett-Reynolds, HSI Branch Chief, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Mark Adams, Operations Research Analyst, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Session #5: Systems Interface and Cognitive Processing (SI&CP)
Operator Traits and Adaptation Styles for a Co-Adaptive System

Neuroergonomics in the Real World: Differentiation Between Navigation Displays

Supporting Salience: Valid IT Improves Burn ICU Decision Making

  • Dr. Christopher Nemeth, Principal Scientist, Applied Research Associates

The Importance of Shared Awareness for Achieving Human-Machine Symbiosis