50th Annual Fuze Conference

"50 Years of Support Freedom"

9 - 11 May 2006

Norfolk, VA

Session I & II: Opening Remarks and Keynote & General Session
Keynote: Mr. Rene Kiebler, Deputy Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, PEO Ammunition

  • OSD Perspecctive, Mr. Peter A. Morrison, Staff Specialist OUSD/DDR&E(S&T) Weapons Technology
  • PEO Ammo Perspective, Mr. Rene Kiebler, Deputy Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, PEO Ammunition
  • US Army RDECOM ARDEC Perspective, Dr. Joseph Lannon, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
  • Navy Overview, Mr. Steve Mitchell, Ordnance Project Area Director, NAVSEA
  • Air Force S & T Strategy, Mr. Timothy Tobik, Air Force Research Laboratory, Eglin
  • Fuze IPT Perspective, Mr. Lawrence Fan, Fuze and Microsystem Project Manager, NSWC

Session IIIA: Open Session

  • PGMM, New Application for an Existing Fuze, Mr. Al DeSantis, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
  • Proximity Sensor for the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS), Mr. Robert P. Hertlein, L3 Communications - KDI Precision Products
  • Portable Excalibur Fire Control System, Mr Gregory Schneck, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
  • Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuze Setter (EPIAFS), Mr. Tom Walker, US Army RDECOM ARDEC Adelphi Fuze Division
  • The Evolution of the DSU-33 C/B Proximity Sensor, A Success in Customer-Contractor Partnership, Mr. Michael J. Balk, ATK Ordnance Systems
  • A New Fuze for an Electromagnetic Gun, Mr, Barry Schwartz, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
  • Introduction of the Multi Option Fuze Artillery (MOFA) DM84 on 120mm Rifled Mortar, Mr. Jochen Wagner, JUNGHANS Feinwerktechnik

Session IVA: Open Session

  • Challenges Associated with Development of the Affordable Weapon System Fuzing System, Mr. John Hubert, L-3/KDI Precision Products, Inc.
  • FMU-139C/B. Electronic Bomb Fuze Design Update, Mr. David Liberatore, ATK
  • Shipboard Submunition Fuze Safety and Realiability Enhancements, Mr. John Kunstmann, Indian Head Division, NSWC
  • Thermal Battery Development - Reduced Product Variability Through 6-Sigma, Automation and Material, Mr. Paul F. Schisselbauer and Mr. John Bostwick, ATK
  • Performance Testing of Lead-Free Stab Detonators, Mr. Neha Mehta, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
  • TNO Research on EFI's in Relation to Insensitive Munitions, Mr. Wim Prinse, TNO Defence, Security and Safety

Session VA: Open Session

  • Hight-G Mortar Electronic S&A Development and Flight Test, Mr. Cuong Nguyen, US Army RDECOM ARDEC
  • Safe Separation Study for MK 437 Mult-Option Fuze for Navy (MOFN), Mr. Brian Will, NSWC, Dalhgren
  • Navy Proximity Fuze Simulation with Embedded Tactical Software, Mr. John Langan, NSWC WD
  • Inadequacy of Traditional Test Methods for Detection of Non-Hermetic Energetic Components, Mr. Karl Rink, University of Idaho
  • Weapons Reliability How Modern Warfare has Changed the Requirement, CDR Tom Hole, USN, US Navy PMA-201
  • MAFIS a Proven Hard Target Fuze, Mr. Laurie Turner, Thales Missile Electronics
  • Aurora a Proven Hard Target Fuze, Mr. Richard Clutterbuck, Thales Missile Electronics