International Infantry & Joint Services
Small Arms Systems Symposium, Exhibition & Firing Demonstration

"Enhancing Small Arms Effectiveness in Current & Future Operations"

18 - 21 May 2009

Las Vegas, NV


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conference Keynote Address:

  • Mr. Anthony Melita, OUSD, (Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics) Land Warfare & Munitions

Session I - Joint Service Smallarms Synchronization Team (JSSAST) - 8501
Chair: COL Karl Scott Flynn, Chairman, JSSAST

Keynote Address:

Session II - PM Maneuver Ammunition

Session III - Small Arms Ammunition and Technology

  • 8356 - Factors Influencing Dispersion of Small Caliber Ammunition, Mr. Jeff A. Siewert, Arrow Tech Assoc., Inc.
  • 8519 - U.S. Army Soldier Weapons Ammunition Development, Mr. Robert Zienowicz, U.S. Army, Picatinny Arsenal
  • 8512 - Enhanced Forced Entry - The Rheinmetall Arges 40MM X 46 Door Breaching Cartridge, Mr. Brian T. Sullivan, American Rheinmetall Munitions, Inc.
  • 8524 - U.S. Navy Small Arms Ammunition Advancements, Mr. Charles Marsh, Mr. Jarod Stoll, NSWC & Mr. David Leis, Federal Cartridge Company
  • 8527 - The M200 HEDP , A New Generation Rifle Grenade, Mr. Steve Dart, Mecar USA
  • 8550 - Lightweight Ammunition Design, Mr. Vincent Battaglia, Colts Defense LLC & BML Tool & Mfg. Corp


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keynote Speaker:

Session IV - JSSAP

  • 8525 - Modeling and Sumulation Throughout the Small Arms Aquisition LIFE CYCLE, Mr. Timothy Fargus, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 8513 - Modeling of Gas Flow and Heat Transfer in Small Arms Weapon systems, Dr. Laurie A. Florio, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 8514 - Advanced Small Arms Fire Control Technology (ATO), Mr. Terence F. Rice, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 8537 - Advanced Small Arms Lethal Armament Technology (ATO), Mr. Shawn P. Spickert-Fulton, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 8536 - Lightweight Small Arms Technologies, Mrs. Kori Phillips, JSSAP, U.S. Army ARDEC

Session V - Small Arms as a Subsystem of NATO Dismounted Soldier System of Systems Programmes - 8502
Chair: LTC Mike Bodner, Chairman, NATO LCG 1, Directorate of Land Requirements (DLR) Department of National Defence, Government of Canada

Division Report and Activity

  • Mr. Dave Broden, Chair, Armaments Division; Broden Resource Solutions, LLC

Session VI - Soldier Weapons - (Panel)
Chair: COL Douglas Tamilio, PM Soldier Weapons


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keynote Speaker:

Luncheon Speaker:

  • "The Modernization and Expansion of Ballistic Test Capabilities at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant", Ms. Stefana Reilly, ATK

Session VIII - Fire Control Systems

  • 8419 - Crew served weapons accessories: integrated targeting and illumination, Mr. Michael H. Jones, NSWC Crane
  • 8473 - Using 40MM AGL as a Precision Weapon at Long Ranges, Dr. Daniel Corriveau, Defence R&D Canada
  • 8389 - A New Integrated Day and Night Rire Control System for 40MM Grenade Weapons, Mr. Bill Dunnill, Vectronix, Inc.
  • 8539 - Razar: Rapid Adaptable Zoom for Automatic Rifle, Dr. Brett E. Bagwell, Sandia National Laboratories

Session IX - Fire Control Panel - 8556
Chair: Mr. John Edwards, U.S. Army ARDEC

Session X - National Small Arms Center Update - 8479
Chair: Frank Puzycki, U.S. Army ARDEC

Session XI - Weapons
Chair: Mr. John Edwards, U.S. Army ARDEC

  • 8272 - Time for a Change - US "Incremental" Small Arms Fielding - Status Report 2009, Mr. Jim Schatz, Time4ChangeTeam
  • 8478 - M2 Barrell Extension Improvements, Mr. Geoffrey A. Herring, Principal Project Engineer, General Dynamics Armament & Technical Products
  • 8583 - Shrike 5.56 - Advanced Weapons System, Mr. Geoffrey A. Herring, President and CEO, Ares Defense Systems, Inc.
  • 8423 - Rotary Wing Crew Served Weapon Integration, Mr. Nigel Wasil, NSWC Crane
  • 8503 - The 20mm Anti-Material Rifle: A New Use for Unused Ammunition, Mr. David P. Armstrong, NSWC Crane
  • 8469 - USSOCOM Weapon Shot Counter (WSC): Providing More Than Round Count, Mr. Jason M. Davis, NSWC Crane
  • 8453 - Sound Suppressor Specification and Sound Measurement, Mr. Owen Cramer, SAIC/Naval Surface Warfare Center

Session XII - 40mm Grenade Improvements Panel
Chair: Mr. Dave Broden, Broden Resource Solutions, LLC

  • Mr. James Grassi, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • Mr. Christopher Summa, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • Mr. Adam Sorchini, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • Mr. Jason Wasserman, U.S. Army ARDEC