International Infantry & Joint Services
Small Arms Systems Symposium, Exhibition & Firing Demonstration

"Meeting the Needs of Our Joint Ground Forces in the Fight Against Terrorism & Developing the Tools for Future Combat"

16 - 19 May 2005

Atlantic City, NJ

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Welcome Address:

Topical Address:

Panel: Lessons Learned - Industries' Response & Acquisitions' Real Needs
Moderator: Mr. Dave Broden, Broden Resource Solutions & Alliant Techsystems

Panel: Joint Service Small Arms Synchronization Team (JSSAST)
Moderator: COL Scott Crizer, USA, Chairman, JSSAST

Session I: Ammunition
Chair: Mr. Dennis Conway, US Army - ARDEC

  • Terminal Effects of New Small Arms Ammunition, Mr. John MacDougall, SNC Technologies Inc., SIMULATION
  • Lightweight Ammunition: A Material Science Challenge, Mr. Robert Gagné, Chairman & CEO, Mississippi Polymer Technologies, Inc.
  • Program Manager-Maneuver Ammunition Systems (PA-MAS) Small Caliber Ammunition Program Support at US Army Research Laboratory, Dr. James F. Newill, US Army Research Laboratory
  • Cost Reducing Material for 40mm Practices Cartridgesn, Mr. James Grassi, US Army - ARDEC, 40mm Grenades Special Projects
  • Joint Non-lethal Warning Munitions (JNLWM) Qualification and Fielding, Mr. Dennis W. Stanton, Project Engineer, NSWC Crane
  • Intelligence Assets Below the Battalion Level, Mr. Larry D. Cozine, Martin Electronics, Inc. (MEI)
  • Lethality 101: A Complex & Controversial Subject, Mr. Shawn Spickert-Fulton, US Army, RDECOM-ARDEC
  • Lightweight High Performance Gun Barrels, Mr. Kris Christou, MER Corporation

Session II: Mortars
Chair: MAJ Paul D. Shuler, USA, Assistant Product Manager, Mortar Systems

  • Mortar Overiew, MAJ Paul D. Shuler, USA, Assistant Product Manager, Mortar Systems
  • XM395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition (120mm PGMM), Dr. Anthony Pezzano, OPEO Ammunition/OPM CAS/ OPM Mortars
  • Linking Mortars to the Joint Fires Network, Mr. Tom Bradley, APM Fire Control, PM Mortar Systems
  • Lightweight 81mm Mortar, Mr. Jose Santiago, Lightweight Dismounted Mortar Weapon STO Manager, US Army - ARDEC
  • Lightweight Composite Monopack for 120mm Mortar Ammunition, Mr. Jack Lam, P.E., Project Officer U.S Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • 120mm Mortar System Accuracy Analysis, Mr. Raymond Trohanowsky, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • Mortar Systems Program Review: Mortar Weapon Sustainment Effort, Mr. Steven Mozeson, Mortar Sustainment IPT, US Army - ARDEC
  • Enhanced Live Fire Mortar Training Using The M769 Full Range Practice Cartridge, Mr. Jason Surmanek, ARDEC Project Officer (APO), US Army - ARDEC


Wednesday, May 23, 2005

Soldier Lethality and Wound Ballistics from a Swedish Perspective

Panel: Soldier Weapons


  • National Small Arms Center (NSAC) & National Small Arms Technology Consortium (NSATC) Update, Mr. Frank P. Puzycki, Research Program Director, NSAC<


  • NDIA Armament Division - 2005 Division Status, Mr. Dave Broden, Chairman, Armaments Division, NDIA

Luncheon Address:

  • "A Bold Initiative: Colonel Miles and the Lee Magazine Rifle in 1879", Dr. Stephen C. Small, Joint Services Small Arms Program (JSSAP)

Session III: Joint Service Arms Program (JSSAP) Update
Chair: Mr. Joel M. Goldman, Chief, JSSAP Office, US Army - ARDEC

  • Joint Service Small Arms Capabilities Update: Capability Gaps into Context and Solicitation of Good Ideas from Industry, Mr. Joel M. Goldman, Chief, JSSAP Office, US Army - ARDEC
  • Probable NATO Restructuring, Mr. Robert M. Pizzola, US Army - ARDEC
  • Component Technology Investigations for Light Machine Gun Applications, Mr. Lucian M. Sadowski, US Army - ARDEC
  • Lightweight Small Arms Technologies, Ms. Kori Spiegel, Joint Service Small Arms Program and Mr. Paul Shipley, AAI Corporation
  • Caseless Ammunition & Advances in the Characterization of High Ignition Temperature Propellant, Ms. Patricia M. O'Reilly, US Army - ARDEC
  • Safety Test of the XM109 Rifle, Mr. Neil Lee, US Army - ARDEC

SessionIV: Soldier System Interoperability
Chair: Mr. Vernon E. Shisler, US Army - ARDEC

  • Soldier System in NATO, Mr. Vernon E. Shisler, US Army - ARDEC
  • NATO Future Weapons R&D: SCI-P130ET - Integration and Interoperability Issues for Dismounted Soldier System Weapon Systems, Mr. Jason Panak
  • The Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad Initiative, Mr. Dave Hansen, USMC - Quantico
  • Future Force Warrior Advanced Technology Demonstration Update, Mr. John H. Edwards, FFW Technical Program Office, US Army - ARDEC

Session V: International Armaments Cooperation & Foreign Comparative Testing
Part I: International Armaments Cooperation
Chair: COL Michael G. Padgett, USA, International Technology Center

Part II: Foreign Comparative Testing Programs
Chair: Mr. Al Trawinski, Army FCT/DAC Program Manager
  • Army Comparative Testing Programs: Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) & Defense Acquisition Challenge (DAC), Mr. Al Trawinski, Army FCT/DAC Program Manager
  • Mortar Propulsion FCT Programs Swiss 120mm Mortar Propelling Charge Austrian Celluloid Mortar Increment Containers, Mr. Wayne Miller, US Army - ARDEC
  • 40mm Tactical IR Marker, Mrs. Kelly Shuttleworth, Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • 40mm Day/Night Training Cartridge, Mr. Percy Mistry, US Army - ARDEC
  • FCT and SOCOM Shoulder Fired Weapons, Mr. Keith Martin, US Army - ARDEC

Session VI: Non-Lethal Systems
Chair: Mr. Kevin Wong, PM CCS


Thursday, May 24, 2005

Session VII: Fire Control, Sensors and Other Ancillary Devices
Chair: Mr. Charles Buxton, NSWC, Crane

  • Small Arms Fire Control Systems for the Individual Soldier, Mr. Pete Plocki, XM29 Technical Director, L-3 Communications, Brashear Division
  • Sensor Fusion Technology Assessment, Mr. John Edwards, JSSAP Office, US Army - ARDEC
  • Weapon Shot Counter Program for Small Arms Maintenance, Mr. Darin Ashley, NSWC, Crane
  • Miniature Day/Night Sight (MDNS) Development, Mr. Barry Gatewood, NSWC Crane
  • SOPMOD Program Overview, Mr. Gus Taylor, SOPMOD Program Manager, NSWC, Crane

Session VIII:Weapons and Ammunition
Chair: Mr. James Zoll, US Army - ARDEC

  • Product Improvement 40mm Ammunition, Mr. Art Pizza, Chief, 40mm Ammunition Engineering, and Ms. Melissa Wanner, 40mm Low Velocity, US Army - ARDEC
  • MK93 Smoke Deterrence System, Ms. Dawn Hoffa, NSWC, Crane
  • The Oto Melara HITROLE® 7,62 – 12,7 – 40 mm Remote Overhead, Light Electrical Turret, Dr. Alessandro Pollastrini, OTO MELARA S.p.A
  • Lightweight Remotely Operated Weapon Systems, Mr. Anthony J. Sebasto, US Army - ARDEC

Session IX: Individual Weapons
Chair: Mr. George Kontis, PE., Heckler & Koch, Inc.

  • S.C.A.R - SOF Combat Assault Rifle, Mr. Troy Smith, NSWC, Crane
  • MPRS - Multi-Purpose Rifle System, Mr. Alon Guttel, Deputy Vice President R&D, Israel Military Industries, Ltd.
  • The Modular Combat Shotgun, Mr. Ed Schoppman, Remington Military Products Division, Remington Arms Company, Inc.
  • 40mm Air Bursting Munition System (ABMS) and Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher (LWAGL), Mr. Fong Kok Chung and Aw Cheng Hok, Singapore Technologies Kinetics

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