25th Annual National Logistics Conference & Exhibition

"21st Century Logistics: Vision & Strategies for the 2nd Decade"

6 - 9 April 2009

Miami, FL


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Vision and Strategies"

Panel Discussion: "Small Business Interoperability and Opportunity in a Complex Defense Marketplace"

Luncheon Speaker:

Panel Discussion:"Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction: Logistics Integration"
Moderator: Ambassador (Ret) David Litt, Executive Director, Center for Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction

Panel Discussion: "Multinational Logistics: A Rapidly Evolving, Complex Capability"
Moderator: Mr. George Topic, Deputy Director for Strategic Logistics, J4, The Joint Staff

  • Mr. Gibson LeBoeuf, Vice President, Raytheon Company
  • Col F.M. Boomer, Chief of Operational Support Transformation, Canadian Operational Support Command
  • RADM Linda Bird, USN (Ret), Director of Logistics Programmes and Operations, NATO Maintenance Supply Agency
  • Brig Jonathan Downes, OBE, Head of Defence Logistic Operations and Plans, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Partnerships and Performance"

Keynote Speaker:

Panel Discussion: "Joint Logistics Leadership Fireside Chat"

Panel Discussion:"Industry Logistics Leadership Roundtable"
Moderator: Mr. Louis Kratz, Vice President, Logistics and Sustainment, Corporate Engineering and Technology, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Panel Discussion: "Operational Logistics Challenges in the Evolving National Security Environment"
Moderator: Mr. John Johns, ADUSD Maintenance Policy, OSD/L&MR

  • Mr. Christopher Lowman, SES, Director of Maintenance, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G4
  • MajGen Willie Williams, USMC, Commanding General, MARCORLO GCOM
  • Maj Gen Bob McMahon, USAF, Director of Logistics, A-4L, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force
  • MG Jerry Johnson, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, G4, U.S. Army Forces Command
  • RDML Andy Brown, USN, Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers, U.S. Navy
  • Mr. Jeff Orner, SES, Deputy Assistant Commandant, Engineering and Logistics, CG-4D, U.S. Coast Guard

Panel Discussion: "Contracting and Contractor Challenges on the Battlefield - Integrating and Controlling 'The Fifth Force Provider'"
Moderator: Mr. Gary Motsek, ADUSD, Program Support, OSD/L&MR

  • Ms. Kristi Clemens, President, Aegis Defense Services LLC
  • RDML Kathleen Dussault, USN, Commander, Joint Contracting Command Iraq and Afghanistan (Invited)
  • Mr. Will Moser, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Logistics Management, Department of State
  • LT G Rick Hack, USA, (Ret), KBR


Thursday, April 9, 2009

"People: The Impact of Education and Technology"

Panel Discussion: "Logistics Workforce Education and Human Capital Initiatives: The Impact on People, Processes and Readiness"
Moderator: LTG Bob Dail, USA (Ret), President, Supreme Group (USA)

Panel Discussion: "Operationalizing Information Technologies: Impact on People, Processes and Readiness"
Moderator: Mr. Tim Harp, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3ISR & IT Acquisition, OSD

  • Mr. William Kanotz, Director, Logistics Programs, Surveillance Systems, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
  • Mr. James Sprang,, Autonomic Logistics Information System Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • MG Dennis Jackson, USA (Ret), Director, Logistics Transformation, Oak Ridge National Labs
  • Mr. Jon Newsom, Sustainment/PBL Solution Principal, SAP Public Services, Inc.

Luncheon Speaker:

Panel Discussion: "Homeland Defense: People, Processes and Technology in Crisis Response"

  • Mr. Richard Gunderson, Acting Chief Procurement Offices, DHS HQ
    Mr. Jeff Orner, SES, Deputy Assistant Commandant, Engineering and Logistics, CG-4D, U.S. Coast Guard