Insensitive Munitions & Energetic Materials Technology Symposium

"Delivering Mission Critical, Innovative Insensitive Munitions & Energetic Materials Solutions to the Warfighter in a Challenging Budget Environment"

7 - 10 October 2013

San Diego, CA


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plenary Session: Global IMEM Perspectives and Trends

Breakout Presentations

Session 3A - Synthesis of Energetic Materials

Session 3B - Testing: Thermal Emphasis

  • 16116 - Fuel Fire Experts Work on Propane as an Alternate Heating Source For the Fast Heating Test, Mr. Manfred R. Becker
  • 16204 - The Development of a Clean Fast Cook-off Test in the Netherlands, Mr. Gert H Scholtes
  • 16003 - Experimental Development of a Propane Burner For Fast Cook-off Testing, Dr. Jon J. Yagla
  • 16154 - Low Cost Heat Flux and Flame Temperature Characterization of NATO Standard Kerosene Pool Fires, Dr. Fabien Chassagne
  • 16213 - The Sand Bed Burner and the Adiabatic Surface Temperature Probe – The Future Equipment For Fast Cook-off Testing, Mr. Jon Toreheim
  • Testing – Thermal Emphasis, Mr. Kenneth Graham

Session 4A - Energetic Formulations

  • 16297 - A Comparison of Different Approaches to Improve Insensitive Munitions in High Performance Castable Explosives, Dr. Robert Hatch
  • 16109 - Reclamation and Reformulation of TATB From PBX-9502 and LX-17, Dr. Jacob Morris
  • 16152 - Formulation and Characterizations of Nanoenergetic Compositions With Improved Safety, Mrs. Anne Wuillaume

Session 4B - Systems: IM Emphasis


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breakout Presentations

Session 5A - Gun Propellants

  • 15931 - New Propellant Technologies For Small Calibre Ammunition, Mr. Beat Vogelsanger
  • 16141 - CLP – A New Nitramine Gun Propellant Family For LOVA, Mr. Eli Shachar
  • 16203 - Development of New Stabilizers For Nitrocellulose Based Propellant, Mr. Martin Johansson
  • NC Characterization For Felted Fiber Cases, Mr.Steve Dyer

Session 5B - Testing: Shock Emphasis

  • 16162 - An Assessment of the Response of Explosive Components To Shock Initiation, Dr. Trevor T. Griffiths
  • 16206 - Shaped Charge Jet Stanag: Propositions For Updated Edition, M Yves Guengant
  • 16142 - Significant Charge Parameters Influencing the Shaped Charge Jet Initiation, Mr. Werner Arnold
  • Evaluation of the Effect of Surface Area on DNAN Based Explosives, Matt Hathaway

Session 6A - Energetic Materials Processing

  • 16244 - IM Melt-Cast Explosive Production Facility, Ms. Ling Zhao
  • 16155 - Large Scale Manufacture of Granular IMX-104 Melt Pour Explosive, Mr. Alberto Carrillo
  • 16198 - Establishment of TATB Manufacturing Process at Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Mr. Mike Ervin
  • Identifying a New Source of Wood Pulp for Manufacture of Nitrocellulose, Kelly Moran

Session 6B - Systems 2: Ammunition

Session 7A - Improved Energetic Materials

  • 16188 - Manufacture of Wet-Aminated 1,3,5-Triamino-2,4,6-Trinitobenzene at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Dr. Neil Tucker
  • 16122 - VI-RDX : From Lab to Pilot Scale, Ms. Genevieve Eck
  • 16200 - Development and Production of a New Class of NTO, Dr. David Price
  • 16171 - Synthesis, Characterization and Formulation of Diammonium Ethylene BIS(5-Nitroiminotetrazolate) (AM-EBNIT), Ms. Eun Mee Goh

Session 7B - Modelling

  • 16081 - Multiphysics Modelling of Variable Confinement Cook-off Test (VCCT), Mr. Pierre Pelletier
  • 16145 - A Computational Screening Method in Deriving New Promising Explosive Molecules: Add Method-1 and MS-HEMS, Dr. Soo Gyeong Cho

Session 8A - Rocket Propellants

  • 16313 - A Realistic Thermal Mitigation Strategy for Solid Rocket Motors, Peter Cahill
  • 15940 - Solid Propellant Rocket Motors, Results of Insensitive Munitions Testing, Dr. Alexander C. Weigand
  • 16163 - ADN is More Than Particles and Formulations – It is Part of Future Rocket Propellants, Mr. Martin Johansson
  • 16164 - Boron Nitride Additive For Advanced Propellants, Dr. Paul Matter

Session 8B - Systems 3: Life-cycle Emphasis

  • 16181 - The Effects of Energetic Materials Ageing on System IM Response, Dr. Paul Deacon
  • 16169 - Enhanced Performance From Insensitive Explosives, Dr. Ronald E. Brown
  • 16298 - Ultra-High Pressure Waterjets in Demilitarization, Dr. Steve Schmit
  • Sustainable Ammunition Safety – Interaction with IM, Wim de Klerk
  • Residues From a Detonation: Are Green and IM Compatible?, P. Brousseau


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Session 9A - Aging of Energetic Materials

  • 16304 - Mechanistic Aging and Surveillance of Warhead Energetic Materials, Dr. I. Lee Davis
  • 16147 - Investigation of the Change in Thermal and Shock Sensitivity By Ageing of RDX Charges Bonded By HTPB-IPDI and GAP-N100, Dr. Manfred A. Bohn
  • 16269 - Analysis of Double Base Propellants Service Life Relating to Mechanical Properties in Extreme Climatic Conditions, Mr. František Krejí
  • 16119 - Reactivity of ADN With Polybutadiene in Air, Dr. Simon Torry
  • 16106 - Ageing of RDX Crystals Investigated by X-Ray Diffraction, Dr. Michael Herrmann

Session 9B - Testing (continued)

  • 16080 - Modified Version of the of Variable Confinement Cook-off Test (VCCT), Mr Pierre Pelletier
  • 16285 - Decreasing a Shock Sensitivity of the HMX-Based PBXS Through the Morphology Modification of the HMX-Constituents, Dr. Igor Ye. Plaksin
  • 16158 - An International Review of the STANAG 4241, Bullet Impact Test, M. Emmanuel Schultz

Session 10A - Explosive Formulations

Session 10B - Energetic Materials Processing (Continued)

  • 16151 - Process Optimization to Improve Product Quality and Consistency of Energetic Materials at HSAAP, Virgil Fung
  • 16190 - Explosives Coating via Advanced Cluster Energetics (ACETM) Fluid Energy Mill (FEM) Technology, Brian Alexander
  • 16264 - IMX-104 Manufacturing Process Optimization, Sean Newland