Joint Service Power Exposition

2 - 4 May 2017

Virginia Beach, VA


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Keynote Address #2 - DoD Approaches for Future Battery Technologies:

  • Sam Stuart, Chief Engineer Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division (19510)

Lunch with Speaker:

Session 3: Fuel Cells
Chair: Shailesh Shah, U.S. Army RDECOM CERDEC

  • 19183 - Lithium Ion Micro Particle Fuel Cells for Both High Power and High Energy: Dr. William Nunnally, Applied Physical Electronics, LV
  • 19286 - Deployable Hydrogen Fuel Supply for Clean and Quiet Power: Stephn Szymanski, Proton OnSite
  • 19323 - Advanced Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Propulsion and Power: Dr. James Sisco, Protonex Technology Corporation

Session 4: Batteries Testing - Quality - Safety
Chair: Mike Brundage, USARMY RDECOM CERDEC

  • 19383 - Impact Resistant Battery Electrolytes: Dr. Gabriel Veith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • 19491 - Safety Aspects of Hydrogen / Oxygen Fuel Cells for Autonomous Under Water Vehicles: Dr. Carsten Cremers, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT
  • 19507 - Lithium Battery Safety Requirements for U.S. Naval Applications: Julie Simmons, NSWC

Session 5: Applications
Chair: Chris Hacker, NSWC Crane Code JXMT

  • 19509 - SiC Based Power Conversion/Conditioning System for an Air-borne DEW System: CAPT Dennis Mahoney, USN (Ret.), RCT Systems
  • 19514 - Power System Test Bed for Ground Vehicles: Thomas Byrd, Lockheed Martin MFC
  • 19405 - Innovation and Rapid Prototyping to Extend Silent Watch Capability for Expeditionary and Special Operations Vehicles: John Fassino, NSWC Crane

Session 6: Fuel Cells
Chair: Chris Hacker, NSWC Crane Code JXMT

  • 19338 - In-Field Fuel Consumption Reduction with Solar, Battery, Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System: Matt Otis, Protonex


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Session 7: Batteries Applications
Chair: Tom Byrd Lockheed Martin MFC

  • 19361 - Applying Modular Scalable UPS Technology to Tactical Field Applications: Paul Madden, Energy Technologies, Inc.
  • 19381 - CAM-7®/LTO Lithium-Ion Cells for Logistically Robust, Damage-Tolerant Batteries: Dr. David Ofer, CAMX Power
  • 19479 - Second Generation Lithium-Ion 6T Battery Development: Chris Silkowski, Navitas Systems

Session 8: Applications
Chair: Dr. Ashley Ruth, U.S. Army RDECOM CERDEC

  • 19505 - Advanced Ballistic Technology Integrated into the Con- formal Wearable Battery: Providing Protection and Power in a Single System: Jeff Helm, Inventus Power
  • 19483 - USMC Update of: (1) Mobile Electric Hybrid Power Sources (MEHPS), (2) Renewable Energy and (3) Battery Efforts: Jennifer Gibson, USMC, MCSC
  • 19677 - Revealing Performance Loss Mechanisms in Lithium-ion Cells: Dr. Daniel Abraham, Argonne National Laboratory

Session 9: Fuel Cells
Chair: Pedro Passapera, U.S. Army RDECOM CERDEC

  • 18353 - Single Soldier Portable, JP-8/JP-5/ DF2 Fueled 1 kWe SOFC Power Generator: Subir Roychoudhury, Precision Combustion, Inc.
  • 19360 - Facilitating a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Infrastructure in Support of Tactical Micro Grids®: Paul Madden, PE, Energy Technologies, Inc.
  • 19492 - UltraCell Fuel Cell Systems for Unattended Operations: Ru Chen, UltraCell LLC

Session 10: Batteries Applications
Chair: Joshua Baer Lockheed Martin MFC

  • 19503 - NiZn Battery Evaluation for Submarine Application: Alexander Potter, NSWC Crane & Scott Lichte, Enersys Energy
  • 19511 - Examining the Replacement of Lead Acid Batteries with Lithium Titanate Batteries in Military Vehicles to Enhance Performance, Improve Energy Storage, and Increase Energy Flexibility for Deployed Units: Alexander Harvey, GTRI
  • 19477 - Development of a Safe, Lightweight Li-ion 28V Battery for Navy Aircraft: Dr. Trung Nguyen, EIC Labs

Lunch with Speaker: Energy Informed Operations (EIO)

  • Michael Gonzalez, Project Lead, Energy Informed Operations (EIO), Command Power and Integration Directorate (CP&I)

Session 14: Batteries Applications
Chair: Keith DeVries, NSWC Crane Code JXMN

  • 19502 - Powering the Strategic Deterrents: Joseph Neukam, NSWC Crane
  • 19251 - Vehicle-to-Grid Testing and Demonstration: Dan Markiewicz, Concurrent Technologies Corp.
  • 19465 - Advanced CFx Cells for Military Applications: Zeiad Muntasser, Engineered Power

Session 16: Smart Grids-Microgrids
Chair: Sue Waggoner, NSWC Crane Code JXML

  • 19508 - Expeditionary Operations - Powering a Forward Operating Base with a Smart Micro-Grid: Matt Baker, Fairlead Integrated / Earl Energy
  • 19194 - The Building is the Microgrid: Jeffrey Anderson, Caterpillar Defense & Federal Products
  • 19330 - Enabling a Total Microgrid Solution for Expeditionary Applications: Max Dorflinger and Joe Birchak, LexTM3

Session 17: Miscellaneous
Chair: William Ridge, NSWC Crane Code JXMN

  • 19336 - Enhanced Battery Management through Diagnostics and Prognostics: Dr. Eric Dufek, Idaho National Laboratory
  • 19296 - Trends in Power Density - More Power Less Space: S. Arnie Johnson, L3 Combat Propulsion Systems
  • 19418 - USMC Vehicle Power Proto-Type Program Brief: Badruddin Pirani, NSWC Crane

Session 18: Power Managment
Chair: Dr. Robert Hamlin Hamlen Enterprises, LLC

  • 19309 - Ruck Deployable UPS For Hybridization: Phil Robinson, Protonex
  • 19310 - Power Manager Primer: Phil Robinson, Protonex
  • 19356 - Blue Planet Energy Management System (EMS): Steve Campbell, Blue Planet Buildings, Ltd.

Session 20: Smart Grids- Microgrids
Chair: Joshua Baer, Lockheed Martin MFC

  • 19484 - USMC Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS) Program: CW05 Ralph Smith, USMC, MCSC
  • 19513 - Marine Corps Leverages the Microgrid Design Toolkit (MDT) for Renewable Energy Decision Support: Dr. Nadine Miner, Sandia National Laboratories
  • 19656 - Smart Energy Harvesting for Every Warfighter, Richard Sckilke, Nishati, Inc.

Session 21: Miscellaneous
Chair: Mark Tisher, NSWC Crane Code JXML

  • 19501 - SCAPES Program Overview: Keith DeVries, NSWC Crane
  • 19264 - Advances in Low Cost Manufacturing with Reclaimed Electrode Materials: Steven Sloop, OnTo Technology, LLC


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Session 24: Manufacturing Innovations
Chair: Alex Potter, NSWC Crane Code JXMT

  • 19365 - Manufacturing Improvements for DLA Lithium Radio Batteries: Joe Roskowski, TurnAround Factor
  • 19452 - Engineering Materials for the Next Generation Energy Storage: Dr. James Trevey, Forge Nano

Session 26: Emerging Technologies
Chair: Sam Stuart, NSWC Crane Code JXML

  • 19349 - Portable Special Purpose Nuclear Reactor (2MW) for Remote Operating Bases and Microgrids: Dr. Krishnan Ananth, IdahoDr. K. P. Ananth