54th Annual Fuze Conference

"The Fuzing Evolution - Smaller, Smarter & Safer"

11 - 13 May 2010

Kansas City, MO

General and Open Sessions Agenda

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

General Session - Session II

DTRA Overview

ARDEC Overview

AMRDEC Overview

Navy Overview


Open Sessions - Sessions IIIA

High Reliability Fuzing Architecture for Cluster Munitions

Dynamic Impact Simulation of "High-G Hardened Fuzes"

Modelling the Interaction of a Laser Target Detection Device with the Sea Surface

Adaptive Imaging and Guided Fuze Technologies

Design Challenges and Critical Technology Discovery for Hard Target Fuze Design

Systems Engineering in Hard Target Systems Design

M789 30mm Sensitivity Improvement

Optical System to Control Termination of Small & Medium Caliber Munitions

NavFire Guidance System - Integrated GPS and Mission Computer for Future Navigation Solutions

Integrating Manufacturability into Fuze Development


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Open Sessions - Session IVA

XM1156 Precision Guidance Kit (PGK)

40mm Infantry Grenade PD Self-Destruct Fuze

New Safety Requirements: Fuzing System Solutions

Improved Energetic Materials as Fuze Ingredients

High Speed Digital Infrared Imaging of the M201A1 Grenade Fuze Initiation Train

Safety Assessment of Fuzing Systems Using IEC 61508

Impact Switch Study

Radio Frequency Programmable Signal Processor System for Fuze Programming

Programmable Initiators to Extend Functionality of Reserve Power Systems


Open Sessions - Session VA

MEMS Retard and Impact Sensors

60KG MEMS Sensor

Development of Low-Cost, Compact, Reliable, High Energy Density Ceramic Nanocomposite Capacitors

Non-Lethal Fuzing Requirements

  • Tim Mohan, Armament Research, Development & Engineering Center

Results from Preliminary Testing of a NewGeneration of High-Shock Accelerometers with Extreme Survivability Performance

Use of Conductive Adhesive in Fuze Applications

The Impact Switch Investigation

  • Sam Tuey, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

Low-Cost MEMS Initiators

Inkjet Printing High-Explosive Materials for Direct Write Fuzing