Joint Service Power Exposition

"Power & Energy Independence for Warfighters"

24 - 26 April 2007

San Diego, CA


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

OIF - Stories From the Field - Lessons Learned

Session One:

Session Two:

  • Power Optimizer for the Warfighter's Energy Requirements Battery Calculator, Mr. Don Brockel
  • Power Optimizer for the Warfighter Energy Requirements, Mr. Don Brockel
  • Planning and Decision Support for Enhanced Power and Energy Management through Seminar Gaming and Analysis, Mr. Gordon Steward

Session Three:

Session Four:

  • Marine Corps Mobile Electric Power Distribution System Replacement, MSgt Fred McCue
  • The Case for Smart/Safe Power Management and Distribution for the Military, Mr. Rick Silva


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Session Five:

Session Six:

  • Common Sense Approach to the Selection, Design/Fabrication, & Testing of Safe Operational Power Sources, Mr. Robert Byrnes, Sr.
  • Fighter/EW/Helo/Patrol Arc Fault Circuit Breaker Development, Ms Susan Waggoner
  • Large-sized Li-ion battery module for hybrid powered energy systems, Mr. William A Moll

Session Seven:

Session Eight:

  • Power Generation Lesson Learned OIF 5-07, MSgt Dickson
  • Case Study - Reducing Premature Failure of Parts with Interactive Virtual Training for Generator Operators, Mr. Erik Kaas
  • Lightweight 2-kW Generator with Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA), Mr. Gregory Cole

Session Nine:

  • Servicing Hawker Vehicle Batteries with Standard Battery Charging and Test Equipment, Mr. Fred Krestik

Session Ten:

Lunch Speaker:

  • Warfighting in a Climate Warming World - Implications for U.S. National Security Policies, Honorable Philip Coyle, Senior Advisor, World Security Institute

Session Eleven:

Session Twelve:

  • No presentations provided

Session Thirteen:

Session Fourteen:

Session Fifteen:

Session Sixteen:


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Session Seventeen:

Session Eighteen:

  • Advances in Chemical Hydride Based PEM Fuel Cells for Portable Power Applications, Shailesh Shah
  • Advances in Chemical Hydride Based PEM Fuel Cells for Portable Power Applications, Mr. Andy Wallace
    • Customer Broadcast .wmv (Video)
    • Customer UAV .wmv (Video)
    • Customer UGV .wmv (Video)

Session Nineteen:

  • Data Systems for Enhanced Power and Energy Management, Mr. John Adams
  • Back up Slides - Data Systems for Enhanced Power and Energy Management, Part 2 Mr. John Adams
  • Portable Power Sources: One Size Fits None - Protonex Technology Corp, Mr. Phil Robinson

Session Twenty:

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Systems for Small UAV's, Mr. Timothy LaBreche
    • UAV Fuel Cell Flight with Timer .mpg (Movie)
    • 11.5 Hr Ground Test with Timer .wmv (Video)
    • BOP Buner UAV .wmv (Video)
    • Short Crash Loop .wmv (Video)
  • Portable, JP-8 fueled battery charger for remote operation and portable solid oxide fuel cell systems, Ms. Christine Martin