Joint Service Power Exposition

2 - 5 May 2011

Myrtle Beach, SC


Tuesday, May 2, 2011

Administrative & Welcome Remarks

General Session

Keynote Speaker: #2:

Update on USMC Expeditionary Power and Energy Acquisition, Mike Gallagher, Program Manager, Marine Corps Systems Command

Army Power Needs, MAJ Steve Meredith, USA


Conference Breakout Sessions

Session 1 - Battery Monitoring & Maintenance

  • 12809 - Battery Management System for Monitoring up to Six Lead Acid Batteries at the Individual Battery and System Levels, Dr. David Liu, Vice President Research and Development, HDM Systems Corporation
  • L - 3 - Battery Maintenance, Mr. Mark Abelson, Director-Govt/Military Programs, Pulsetech Products Co.

Session 2 - Micro/Smart Grids 1

  • 12093 - Project Manager Mobile Electric Power Smart Grid Efforts, Miss Jennifer Whitmore, Electrical Engineer, CERDEC C2D Army Power
  • 12788 - Developing Hybrid and Sustainable Energy Solutions for the Increasing Power and Mobility Needs of the Warfighter, Mr. Dan Madden, PE, CEO/General Manager, Energy Technologies, Inc.

Session 3 - Strategic Planning for Energy Initiative

  • 12303 - DOD-DOE partnering - Moving out on Transitioning Fuel Cells, Mr. Peter Devlin, Market Transformation Team Lead, U.S. Department of Energy (EE-2H) and Mr. John Christensen
  • 12835 - High Energy Density Systems (HEDS) R&D Plan, Mr. Kyle Werner, Division Manager for Code GXS, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division and Ms. Susan Waggoner
  • L - 1 - NSWC Crane, Energy Power & Interconnect Technology Division/ARPA, Mr. David Miller, Test and Evaluation Branch Manager, NSWC Crane Division

Session 4 - Battery Charging

  • 12127 - Mobile Charging System, Mr. Rick Silva, Senior Systems Engineer, CME
  • 12076 - Advancing Renewable Energy Technology Commercialization through Federal, State and Local Collaborations, Mr. Russ Keller, Vice President, ATI

Session 5 - Micro/Smart Grids 2

  • 12351 - The Quest for the Holy Grid, Mr. Ken Deylami, Lead General Engineer, CERDEC C2D Army Power
  • 12795 - A123's Advanced Grid Storage: Distributed Generation and Microgrids for Increased Energy Efficiency & Security, Ms. Kimberly Pargoff, Government Grid Director, A123 Systems
  • 12808 - Gen Set Eliminator - Optimizes Fuel Consumption, Mr. Andrew Naukam, VP Technology, Energy Storage Systems, Ultralife Corporation and Dr. Ron Wang

Session 6 - Getting Product to the User

  • L-12 - Army Training and Doctrine Command TRADOC, COL Paul Roege, USA, FORSCOM
  • 12838 - Rapid Fielding, and the Army Safety Release/Safety Confirmation Process, LTC Daniel Rusin, USA (Ret.), Test Manager, DTC, Army Test and Evaluation Command and  LTC Richard Lonardo, USA (Ret.)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Session 7 - Advanced Battery Systems

  • 11769 - Squad Power - Advanced Lithium Power Sources, Mr. Jim Hess, Director, Defense Sales, Saft America, Inc. and Mr. Pat Lyman
  • 11911 & 11913 - Universal Light Weight Smart Battery for THHR\Wireless Light Weight Smart Battery for Tactical Handheld radio, Mr. Merdod Badie, Senior Project Manager, Thales Communications Inc.
  • 12785 - Large Format Lithium Power Cells for Demanding Hybrid Applications, Mr. Adam Hunt, Manager of Government Programs, ENERDEL

Session 8 - USMC Power Initiatives

  • 12784 - Small unit power requirements from the customers perspective Lt Col Michael Bissonnette, USMC (Ret.), L-3 Communications
  • 12081 - Marine Corps Renewable Energy and Micro Gridding Programs Mr. Clint Govar, Engineer, MCSC
  • 12125 & 12126 - Alternative Energy Based Expeditionary Power Solutions Dr. Carl Kirkconnell, Iris Technology Corporation

Session 9 - Generators

  • 12078 - High Power Density Turbine Based Generation Systems Mr. Hernando Munevar, President & CEO,Candent Technologies, Inc.
  • 12105 - Man-Portable Tactical Power: Report on Efforts Mr. S. Paul Dev, President, D-STAR Engineering Corp.
  • L - 6 - Development of a lightweight, man-portable, heavy-fuel generator, Mr. Les Gray, Executive in Residence, QinetiQ North America and Andrew A. Pouring, D.Eng. CEO and Chief Technical Officer Sonex Research, Inc.

Session 10 - BA-XX90 Batteries

  • 12102 - Next Generation 5X90 Battery Mr. Carlos Negrete, New Technologies Engineering Manager, SAFT America
  • 12777 - Recent Advances for Lithium Carbon mono-fluoride Batteries for Portable Applications Dr. Gregg Bruce, Chief Scientist, EaglePicher Energy Products
  • 12823 - Li-CFx/MnO2 Hybrid D-cell with Wide Operating Temperature Range for Military Batteries, Dr. Xinrong Wang, Research Manager, Ultralife Corporation and Mr. David Modeen

Session 11 - Fuel Cells I

  • 11909 - OSD Fuel Cell Roadmapping Effort Mr. Jim Gucinski
  • 12071 - Manhattan Fuel Cell Manufacturing Technology Study, Ms. Rebecca Morris, Product and Applications Engineer, ACI Technologies, Inc. and  Mr. Carmine Meola
  • 12132 - Renewable energy generation and storage for reduced logistics burden, Ken Pearson, President & COO Jadoo Power

Session 12 - Renewable Energy 1

  • 12124 - Merlin Adapters for Tactical Radios - The New Standard in Power Management, Mr. Ed O'Rourke, Iris Technology Corporation
  • 12111 - Design Development and Testing of a Rapidly Deployable Man-Transportable Renewable Energy System, Mr. Eric Shields, Mechanical Engineer, NSWCCD and Mr. Alex Askari
  • 12180 - REMM: Expeditionary Power, Mr. Stephen Nimmer, Director, Engineering Defense Technology Development Oshkosh Corporation
    • NPC Generator video clip.avi

Session 13 - Large Format Rechargeable Batteries

  • 12131 - Technical Challenges for Vehicle 12V/24V Lithium Ion Battery Replacement, Mr. David Skalny, Energy Storage Deputy Team Leader, Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility Directorate, U.S. Army TARDEC
  • 12812 - Integration of NanoPhosphate Prismatic Battery Cells into the XM1124 Hybrid Electric HMMWV, Dr. Mike Marcel, Government Operations Manager, A123 Systems
  • 12187 & 12188 - Large Format Li Ion Replacement Packs/Light Weight, High Power and -40°C Capable Li-ion Battery, Dr. Hisashi Tsukamoto, CEO, CTO, Quallion LLC and Mr. Vincent Visco

Session 14 - Fuel Cells 2

  • 12103 - JP-8 Compatible Fuel Cell Gensets at Lockheed Martin, Mr. Steven Sinsabaugh, Lockheed Martin Fellow, Lockheed Martin MS2
  • 12771 - Reducing Warfighter Load by Improving Energy Density, Mr. Philip Hassell, Sales and Business Development Manager, SFC Energy, Inc.
  • 12801 - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to reduce the logistic burden of resupplying the Warfighter through point of need power generation, Mr. Jon Rice, Business Segment Leader, Ultra-AMI

Session 15 - Renewable Energy

  • 12147 - Solar Photovoltaic Tactical Electric Power Systems, Mr. Cao Chung, Chemical Engineer, U.S. Army CERDEC C2D
  • 12096 - Regenerative Solar Power Solutions for Extended Mission Endurance, Mr. John Hart, Business Development, ABSL Power Solutions Inc.
  • 12799 - Utilization of a Ducted Wind Turbine in a Trailer-Mounted Renewable Energy Micro-grid, Mr. Mark Matthews, VP of Sales and Marketing, WindTamer Corporation and Mr. Adeeb Saba

Session 16 - On-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP) 1

  • 12178 - Oshkosh On-Board Vehicle Power Systems: Advancement from Heavy to Light Vehicles', Mr. Nader Nasr, Senior, Chief Engineer, Adv Products Group, Oshkosh Corporation (Please contact presenter for presentation)
  • 12834 - Office of Naval Research Maneuver Science and Technology Programs in Fuel Efficiency and Battlefield Power, Mr. Michael Mimnagh, Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • 12344 & 12345 - Modeling and Simulation of an OBVP Enhanced Vehicle to Improve Fuel Economy\On-Board Vehicle Power: Past, Present and Future, Mr. Gary Grider, Senior Project Manager, DRS Test and Energy Management
  • 12149 - Systems Approach to OBVP Requirements, Dan Cowan, Kollmorgen, Business Development Manager

Session 17 - Building Government Industry Relationships

  • 12076 - Advancing Renewable Energy Technology Commercialization through Federal, State and Local Collaborations, Mr. Russ Keller, Vice President, Advanced Technology International
  • 12302 - Rapid Fielding, and the Army Safety Release/Safety Confirmation Process, Mr. Glen Bowling, Vice President Sales, Saft Specialty Battery Group

Session 18 - Renewable Energy 3

  • 12829 - Development of Flexible, Lightweight CIGS Photovoltaic Power Solutions for Today's Military, Mr. Ashu Misra, Senior Vice President Sales & Corporate Development, Ascent Solar Technologies and Mr. Brian Blackman, Director of Corporate Development
  • 12160 - Training Center Petaluma Solar Power, CDR Jeff Good, USCG and CAPT Chris Hall and Mr. Tony vanWinden

Session 19 - Micro/Smart Grids 3

  • 12143 - Fuel Consumption Model for Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs), Ms. Jennifer Barker, SURVICE Engineering Company
  • 12270 - A demonstration of intelligent control technology in tactical power grids, Dr. Darrell Massie, Chief Technology Officer, Intelligent Power & Energy (Please contact presenter for presentation)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Session 20 - OBVP-2

  • L - 9 - Advanced Power Systems for Enhanced Capability and Fuel Economy, CAPT Lynn Petersen, USN, Deputy Director, PMS 320 (Electric Ships Office NAVSEA)
    This presentation is Distribution A, Approved for Public Release
  • 12448 - Permanent Magnet Generators for On Board Vehicle Power, Mr. James Burns, P.E., Director of Engineering, DRS Power Technology, Inc.
  • 12346 & 12347 - Integrating Power Plants Into Powertrains, Mr. Brent Brzezinski, Ph.D., Engineering Specialist, DRS Test and Energy Management

Session 21 - Energy for Garrisons

  • L - ?? - Using Fuel Cells for Building Power, Ms. Ruth F. Cox, President and Executive Director, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association

Session 22 - Hybrid Systems

  • 11848 & 11849 - The Alternative Energy Coalition: A Struggle for Power in the Expeditionary Environment, Mr. Thomas Lederle, Vice President Product Development, NEST Energy Services
  • 12064 - Optimizing Generator Efficiency with Energy Storage Technologies, Mr. William Moorehead, Chief Operating Officer, Earl Energy, LLC
  • 12066 - Reducing Fuel Consumption with Hybrid Renewable/Conventional Micro-grids., COL Albert Zaccor, USA (Ret.) CEO, Solar Stik

Session 23 - OBVP-3

  • 12836 - Polaris REX Technology, Mr. Stacy Stewart, Director, Powertrain Engineering Polaris Industries, Inc. and Mr. Patrick Weldon

Session 24 - Power to Remote Locations

  • 12813 - Pulse Energy Management System - Real Time Optimization of Remote Deployment Energy Systems, Mr. Bruce Cullen, Manager - Remote Communities, Pulse Energy
  • 12825 - SentryPOST Solution for Remote Surveillance with Renewable Energy, Dr. Justin Thompson, Chief Operating Officer, Sentry View Systems and Mr. Kerry Starr
  • 12837 - Comprehensive Integration and Interaction of Equipment Used For Remote Site Systems, Mr. Doug Combs, Director DOD Programs, Berg Companies