56th Annual Fuze Conference

"Next Generation Fuzing for Next Generation Weapons"

14 - 16 May 2012

Baltimore, MD


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Session I - Welcome & Administrative Announcements/Keynote Address

Keynote Address:


Session II - U.S. Government Science, Technology and Acquisition Overview

Air Force S&T & Acquisition Strategy

  • Mr. Tim Tobik, Fuze Branch Chief, Air Force Armament Laboratory

Navy S&T & Acquisition Strategy

Army S&T & Acquisition Strategy

OSD Perspective/Fuze IPT

Joint Fuze Technology Program

Session IIIA

  • 13680 - Precision Guidance Kit Program Update, Dr. Lyle Johnson, ATK
  • 13938 - Scalable Airburst Fuze Technology - Shaping the Future, Mr. David Andersen, General Dynamics - OTS
  • 13773 - Electronic Safety and Arming Device for the 105 mm STAR ATO Demonstration, Mr. Robert Johnson, Electronics Development Corporation
  • 13770 - Active Mitigation: Rocket Initiator Thermally Activated (RITA) IM Device for the MK22, Mr. Matthew Sanford & Mr. John Swain, NSWC - Indian Head
  • 13698 - The Future of Grenade Fuzing, Mr. Richard Lauch, US Army
  • 13753 - New Generation Naval Artillery Multi-Function Fuze, Mr. Max Perrin, Junghans Microtec
  • 13748 - Lightweight Modular Missile Integrated Safety & Arming Unit and Lethal Payload, Mr. Laurie Turner, Thales Missile Electronics
  • 13778 - Energy Harvesting IC for Fuzing Applications,Mr. John Ambrose, Mixed Signal Integration
  • 13719 - Electronic Parts Challenges in Fuzing Systems, Mr. Dave Liberatore, ATK ABL Operations
  • 13775 - The Endevco® High-g Shock Triaxial Accelerometer: a Smaller, More Cost-Effective Solution to Making Triaxial Measurements, Mr. James Letterneau, Meggitt Sensing Systems


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Session IVA

  • 13779 - High Survivability Accelerometer for Fuze Applications, Mr. Randall Martin, Meggitt Sensing Systems, SJC
  • 13731 - Advances in Thin-Film Thermal Battery Processes: Performance and Cost Benefits, Mr. Jeffrey Reinig, Advanced Thermal Batteries
  • 13708 - Tailoring the Size and Performance of a Reserve Lithium Battery to the Next Generation Fuzes, Mr. Olivier Clesca, Thales Cryogenics BV
  • 13745 - Development of Direct Write Technology for Complex Filled Pattern Using 3-Axis Desktop Robot, Dr. Harries Muthurajan, Energetics Research Institute
  • 13616 - Insensitive Munitions Fuze Solution, Dr. Carl Campagnuolo, USSOCOM
  • 13744 - Clock Programmable Mixer for Fuze IF with Filter, Mr. Jeff Thompson, Mixed Signal Integration
  • 13746 - Mid Range Fuze Power - Harvesters/Batteries/Or?, Mr. Harald Wich, Diehl & Eagle Picher
  • 13762 - Aluminum Honeycomb Characterization and Modeling for Fuze Testing, Dr. Daniel Peairs, L-3 Fuzing and Ordnance Systems
  • 13735 - Probabistic Technology Application for High Reliability Fuze, Mr. Lee Luong, Picatinny Arsenal
  • 13749 - Post Safe Separation Reliability Requirements for Fuzing Systems from Surface Risk Criteria, Dr. Ivo Häring, Fraunhafer Institute for High-Speed-Dynamics EMI

Session VA

  • 13750 - Modeling, Simulation, and Experiments for EFI Design and Characterization, Mr. Stefan Ebenhoech, Fraunhafer Institute for High-Speed-Dynamics EMI
  • 13737 - CRC-16 Check on Flash Based Logic Devices in the Implementation of Safety Features, Mr. Anthony Steele, US Army RDECOM AMRDEC
  • 13767 - New Techniques in Producing and Controlling the Laboratory High-g, Mr. Morris Berman, US Army Research Laboratory
  • 13776 - Advanced ESAD and ISD Factory and Field Test Systems, Mr. Roy Streetz, Excelitas Technologies
  • 13647 - An Introduction to VERA: A Low-Cost, Low-Acceleration Transonic Impact Gun, Mr. David Hall, NAWCWD - China Lake
  • 13713 - Prototyping Fuze Electronics with Rigid-Flex Technology, Mr. Stephen Redington, US Army ARDEC
  • 13751 - Standardization of Classical System Analysis Methods for Fuzing Systems, Dr. Ivo Häring, Fraunhafer Institute for High-Speed-Dynamics EMI
  • 13688 - The Informant Nano Recorder, Mr. Justin Graves, Excelitas Technologies
  • 13730 - Wafer-Level Packaging for High Aspect Ratio MEMS, Mr. Kevin Cochran, NSWC - Indian Head
  • 13765 - High-g MEMS Fuzes, Mr. Wallace Tang, Laserlith-MicroAssembly
  • 14118 - New Electrical Stress Test for MIL-STD-331, Mr. Tony DiGiacomo & Mr. Nick Cali, US Army ARDEC
  • 14119 - New Fuze Safety Guidelines for MIL-STD-1316 Rev F, Mr. Chris Janow, US Army ARDEC